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Samsung users are talking about the One UI 6 bug that turns the screen yellow

Samsung users are talking about the One UI 6 bug that turns the screen yellow

According to complaints from Samsung smartphone users on the official forum in South Korea, One UI 6, the latest Android update produced by Samsung, has a bug that activates eye comfort protection without user consent.

Reports indicate that the screen remains without the filter until 5:30 p.m., when it is applied to the entire screen. Moreover, users point out that rebooting the smartphone, changing settings and even restoring factory settings did not work.

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One UI error 6

  • One of the responses to the questions indicated that the problem exists in the native “night light” feature of the Android system;
  • This function is equivalent to Samsung's “eye comfort protection” function, but it cannot be controlled through the South Korean interface;
  • In the same response, the user attached a post he made on Reddit in 2018, proposing an alternative and temporary solution: install Nova Launcher;
  • In the app, users will be able to change the preferences directly, to be able to remove the night app from Night Light for Android;
  • After modification, Nova Launcher can be removed from the device without modifying the changes made to it.

Solve the problem from Nova Launcher

Hey SamMobile Step by step guide to solve the error using Nova Launcher. paying off:

  1. Install Nova Launcher from Play Store;
  2. Set it as default launcher in Settings -> Apps -> Choose Default Apps -> Beginner App;
  3. After enabling Nova Launcher, on the home screen of the cell phone, tap and hold an empty area to open the menu;
  4. In the Widgets list, select the widget from the Activity queue and drag it to the Home screen;
  5. In the “Activity” section, find the “Settings” item;
  6. In the list, find the item “.Settings$NightDisplaySuggestionActivity”. Then tap it to bring up the Settings button from the home screen;
  7. Tap on the newly created shortcut and look for the “Night Light” option;
  8. Disable it and remove the automatic activation time.
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However, Samsung tech support is already aware of the issue and has indicated that it is working on a fix for the bug, which should arrive as an update in the next few days.