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Samsung's 2022 TV lineup delivers news

Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup delivers news

Samsung unveiled its 2022 TV lineup — focused primarily on 8K Neo QLEDs — last week in a presentation broadcast via YouTube. The Korean company’s focus remains on putting television at the heart of the home and everyday life of its customers, using the motto of “screens everywhere, screens for all”. The goal is to “provide unparalleled customization and connectivity, ensuring there’s a screen suitable for every occasion and lifestyle,” according to the company.

The Neo QLEDs 8K processor has been updated, giving more power to image quality, and enhancing contrasts, for example. “The processor, combined with powerful Quantum Mini LEDs, creates precise, controlled lighting — a feature we call Shape Adaptive Light Control. For example, the full moon will glow against a dark night sky,” Samsung explains.

The sound of TVs has also been improved, particularly the Dolby Atmos wireless input on 4K and 8K Neo QLED TVs. According to Samsung, “The AI ​​of the Quantum 8K Neural Processor (new processor) It analyzes what’s onscreen in real time so Adaptive Sound can track and cycle between speakers to accurately match onscreen motion.”

The company also introduced news like the new SmartHub – the interface for TV options – with a special interest in gaming and even the NFT platform. With that, Ambient Mode will provide consumers with a complete NFT platform to explore and display NFT digital art on Neo QLED and QLED 2022, a new way to collect and present artwork.

Finally, the environmental issue – which the company has promoted – also included new features. The popular and sought-after SolarCell remote control is now 88% more efficient and can now be charged via 2.4GHz radio frequency harvesting – drawing power from additional charging emitted by Wi-Fi routers, for example. Plus, the refills will come with 90% less ink and no staples, for easy recycling. The resin used in some Samsung products is also recycled. In high-resolution displays, the resin comes from recycled ocean plastic.

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If you want to check out Samsung’s show, with more news, just hit play on the video: