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Sandra Villeras reacts to Fernando Mendes' farewell message - Nacional

Sandra Villeras reacts to Fernando Mendes’ farewell message – Nacional

journalist Sandra Felgueiras is no longer part of RTP. The public channel acquired the departure of the investigative journalist who coordinated the program “Friday at 9”, which many considered “inappropriate” for some established powers. Exit sparked some controversy, with RTP predicting the end of the program Thus, with ongoing reports not completed or issued.

Sandra Felgueiras, 44, is now part of the Cofina Group, at CMTV and will manage ‘Sábado’ magazine. When it was time to say goodbye, the journalist was surprised by Fernando Mendes’ message in “Preço Certo”. “I have flown to other ways. Sandrineha, just to say I like you very much, thank you for all you have given with your work and talent.. Kiss and be happy wherever you go. you are always in my heart. The great journalist ”, praised the announcer.

Fernando Mendes’ message did not go unnoticed. Sandra Villeras was touched by the words of the presenter and responded to the actor’s statement. On the first Friday in the last 10 years without ‘Friday at 9’, I received this video from my great friend Fernando Mendes, who said goodbye to me this Monday on air. Disclaimer: Me and Fernando Mendes are friends. And I consider him one of the best people in RTP‘, writes the journalist.

Fernando Mendes has a unique talent and humanity that is hard to find. Every Friday we talked. In the middle of my day’s hustle and bustle, he would always send me a message wishing me a “good program” before 9 p.m. and another a little later: “Did it go well?” I had several directors who didn’t send me a single message on the day of the show. But Fernando Mendes did not stop doing that. There is no reason for him to do so,” he said.

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“I will miss you very much, but I will continue, very close to you and everyone, my dear friend! I promise. Here is my general thanks for this gesture from you, which could have come only from you because you are such a great soulIt’s very rare to find these days.”

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