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“Sangue Oculto” synopsis: Giulia discovers Adriano’s secret and blackmails him

“Sangue Oculto” synopsis: Giulia discovers Adriano’s secret and blackmails him

Tiago, Olavo and Teresa are anxiously awaiting news of Carolina’s hearing when the girl arrives home and tells them she has been suspended. The nurse also says she’ll decide whether or not to kick it off, but she’ll likely never have it again. The twins break down crying and the mother embraces them.

Elsa and Gonzalo visit Vasile and he tells her that they did not let him wait for trial freely. The young woman assures her that she will wait as long as he needs her, but Vasil asks her if she knows how long he can beat her. The girl says she doesn’t care and will always wait for him.

Patricia tells her sister that she misses her, but Julia can’t finish answering, as Carmo and Joao appear, running after them. Patricia’s parents are very confused when they see her and Julia admits that she found it amusing to see the adoptive mother struggle trying to tell the twins apart. Patricia asks her parents if they tried to kill her sister, and Carmo, shocked, asks Julia what she told her.

Julia tells her sister that they forced her away from her and Carmo replies that she was a delinquent, and that she only brought trouble. The twins end up hitting Carmo, who doesn’t stay and slaps her, but more violently. Nelson steps in and Carmo laughs it off, telling PJ that he was also manipulated by Júlia. João ends up taking his wife away and Julia and Patricia hug sadly over the situation.

Almeno, still dressed as a woman, goes to Remedios’ house to confront her about what she did to him in front of everyone. They argue, but Tiago’s uncle ends up kissing Remedios on the shoulder and realizes that she derives great pleasure from it. The two end up getting madly involved.

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At the hospital, Lydia is talking on the cellphone with the landlady of the room she is in and tells her that at the end of the month she will be paid everything she owes. It can be seen that the landlady, on the other side, is not convinced and hangs up.

Lídia enters the staff room, disturbed by the conversation with her landlady. Pedro is there and tries to talk to her, but Elsa’s mother is cruel to him. After the paramedic leaves, Lydia goes to lie on the bed.

Thiago, Carolina, Ana, Tadeu, Quim and Becky finish dinner. The girl tells her mother that she can go to the piggy bank and help out while she’s out of work, but Carolina doesn’t accept it. Those who have to help, Tadeu says, are Quim and Becky, who have to pay part of the family’s expenses. Both Becky and Quim are touched by these words, working for free at the minimarket and never asking for anything.

Carmo and João confront Vanda, and they ask her if she really doesn’t know that Julia is home. The villain ensures that she was as amazed as she was, and says they have to stop attacking Julia, otherwise they just support the thesis that they were the ones who attacked the twins in Ibiza. Joao denies any involvement, but the doctor returns to the charge saying that Benedetta would never have run away, so she must have been confused with Julia.

Cesar puts the food he bought on the plates as if he cooked it to surprise Silvia and sends Mario into the living room. The receptionist enters the kitchen, dressed, and Cesare thinks they are on the same page, but says she has a date. The hospital’s current clinical director gets very frustrated and says it’s no game.

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Carmo and João discuss what happened when Patricia arrived home. Carmo is very strong and wants to know everything Julia has told her, but her daughter just wants comfort. João’s wife tries to stop her from entering the room, but the young woman threatens her, saying that if she does not let her pass, she will leave the house.

At the hospital, Adriano is at the computer and is transferring one hundred thousand euros to himself from the hospital accounts.

Julia and Nelson leave the doctor’s office and PJ leaves to go to the pharmacy to buy the ointment she needs. The twins ask Filipe where João’s office is, but before they can get there, she hears Adriano talking on the cellphone and saying he’ll be up in Malaysia soon. The DJ approaches Maria’s father and Adriano is embarrassed, not knowing if she heard the call or not.

Almeno and Remedios wake up after a wild night that has caused chaos in the entire house. Uncle Thiago smiles. However, Pedro’s mother doesn’t have the reaction he expected and says she just wants to forget this happened.

Maria is preparing things to go to class browse When the father comes home. Adriano tells her that he is very proud of her. The young woman is surprised and says that it was not entirely urgent, but Adriano thinks it is urgent to tell his daughter that he loves her.

Elsa goes to the staff room and catches her mother sleeping there. Lídia asks her daughter to intervene for her with her father to let her go home, but Elsa thinks she won’t be able to convince him. Realizing that her daughter will not help her in the way she would like, Lydia says she is being selfish.

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Cesar calls Vanda to see the hospital bills. He says that in the last few days very large payments have been made and that the night before a payment was made to a company they had never worked with. Vanda and Cesar tense up and the doctor asks the villain to talk to João as soon as possible.

Adriano gets into a taxi to flee the country. However, Julia calls him and tells him that she has come to get her share. Nana’s husband is amazed and asks how much she would like to be silent and never see each other again.

*Episode synopsis is subject to change depending on the release of the telenovela

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