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‘Sangue Oculto’ Synopsis: Tiago catches Andrade spying on Vanda’s funeral

‘Sangue Oculto’ Synopsis: Tiago catches Andrade spying on Vanda’s funeral

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Remédios and Almeno meet with Tojó, Sílvia, and Noémia and tell them that they are going to conduct a poll to see which of them is right. Noémia, Sílvia, and Tojó think they should try to solve problems at home instead of taking surveys, but they soon start asking their friends intimate questions.

Guilherme and Pedro went around the hospital handing out flyers with Rafa’s face on them, trying to find him. Alberto’s son is very depressed and fears that something has happened to the boy. Ibn Remedios tells him to go rest, but he wants to do everything he can to find his brother.

Barbara goes to see Guilherme, who continues to hand out fliers, and tells him to rest. He replies that he can’t and just asks him for help. The girl told him that she had done everything she could and that he had not slept for ten days. The paramedic walks away, looking blank, saying he can’t stop.

Tiago is with Olafo, waiting for Benedetta to come down, so they can go to Vanda’s funeral. Although there was no body, the lack of connection and movement in the accounts of the villain convinced everyone that she was dead. The twins come downstairs, still trying to convince her mother to come with her to the funeral, but Olafo and Teresa say that even Vanda doesn’t want them to be there.

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Nelson goes to Olavo and Teresa’s house and asks about Julia. They tell her that she refuses to undergo treatment and is very angry at not being able to return to the life she had. The policeman anxiously asked her where she was.

Nelson entered the room and found Julia lying on her back on the bed, listening to music. PJ takes off her headphones and he tells her to get dressed because he is taking her to a chest physical therapy. DJ says she doesn’t want to waste the time she doesn’t have and, with determination, says she won’t get any treatment.

Tiago with Benedetta at Vanda’s grave. The doctor is emotional and crying. Her ex-boyfriend calms her down, but in the background, she sees someone she thinks is the villain. The innkeeper satisfies the twins and leaves to look for Vanda. The businessman runs after a person, knocks him down, and asks who he is.

Nelson continues to insist with Julia that she go to physical therapy, but she says she is tired. Silvia’s son takes his gun and gives it to her, telling her to shoot him and that way they are, because he can’t take the guilt anymore. The twins, startled and trying to contain her tears, turn to the other side and tell him to leave. However, PC says he won’t give it up.

Tiago is surprised to see that the person in front of him is Vanda’s security guard. The innkeeper asked him if she had sent him and he replied that he had only gone to see the grave of a relative.. Tiago tells him he thinks he was spying on the funeral, but the security guard deflects questions. Before letting him go, Maria’s brother asked him for his relative’s name and grave number, but Andrade did not answer him.

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Paula enters the house with a wreath, which she hands to Teresa. She and Olavo were surprised that the flowers did not make it to the church or the cemetery. The mother of triplets pays more attention to the flowers and realizes that they are addressed to her, with the following message: “Rest in peace, Teresa.”. She becomes very nervous and Nelson, who has come down the stairs, confirms that the only person who could have done this was Vanda.

Tadeu and Noémia count the votes in the poll for Remédios and Almeno. At first, Tiago’s uncle thinks he’s winning, but he soon realizes that it’s the woman who has the overwhelming majority of votes.

Maria and Mario are at the bar when Sara walks in, crying and saying she spent the morning in the hospital because she was attacked. The girl shows them the bruises and scrapes, and says she must have been attacked when she left the bar the night before and that she doesn’t remember anything. The couple is in shock.

Patricia receives a call from the security guard that the courier left a package at the door. The girl goes to fetch it and opens it, and sees a mountain pass, a ribbon, and some ropes, among other things.

Tiago opens the door for Carolina, who comes over to ask him why he didn’t say anything again. The businessman realizes that Pedro lied to him and said that he was the one who gave him the stuffed animal. Not wanting to lose face or tarnish his image, he assumes that he brought a gift for Benedetta and that Barbara got things mixed up.

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*Episode synopsis is subject to change depending on the release of the telenovela

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