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Santa Casa de São Roque activates the new anti-influenza ward

Santa Casa de São Roque activates the new anti-influenza ward

Starting Tuesday, the 28th, Santa Casa de Misericórdia of São Roque will have a special ward to care for patients with influenza-like illnesses. The new influenza sector will be located in the old ward dedicated to the treatment of Covid-19 and will have its own team of professionals, contributing to the provision of targeted, safe and more flexible care to the population, as well as preventing contamination with viruses. among patients.

According to the city council, the initiative seeks to preserve citizens after the significant increase in the number of influenza-like diseases that were recently recorded. Between December 1 and 26, Santa Casa registered 1,358 patients with flu symptoms, possibly due to the H3N2 contamination wave, which is affecting several states and municipalities in Brazil.

“The increase in cases of Influenza Syndrome has increased the demand for care in Santa Casa. Therefore, we are activating this exclusive ward to serve patients faster, safer and more welcoming. Caring for everyone’s health is our priority, and we know the importance of Santa Casa not only to Sao Roque, but to the region The entirety”, says the Director of the Department of Health of São Roque, Dr. Luis Carlos Privedent Reda.

H3N2 is a type of influenza virus that causes influenza, the first case of which was identified in Brazil in Rio de Janeiro on November 13, 2021, causing contamination in the thousands since then. Among the hypotheses that indicate the high rate of spread of the virus is the lack of commitment to the vaccination campaign this year and the easing of social distancing measures that are being implemented to prevent infection with the Corona virus. With increased social interaction, the chances of infection increase.

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The “new influenza,” as the H3N2 variant is called, has symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, high fever, head and body aches and fatigue. In more severe cases, the disease can cause shortness of breath, which requires immediate intervention, and it is recommended that the patient seek medical attention.

With the increase in cases of influenza, it is necessary that the population pay more attention to preventive measures, with the constant use of a mask and the use of alcohol gel. To avoid crowding in the new wing, it is recommended that you bring a companion only if he is over 60 years old or under 18 years old.