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Santa Clara Shakopee, LIVE: The Azores advance in the first half and qualify in the 'Pocket' - Santa Clara

Santa Clara Shakopee, LIVE: The Azores advance in the first half and qualify in the ‘Pocket’ – Santa Clara

Follow the events of the meeting.

Santa Clara has a clear advantage in the second leg of the conference’s second qualifying round, in front of the Macedonians, Shkobe, after its 3-0 victory over Macedonia. If they assert nepotism and move on, the Azores already know they will face the Slovenes from Olympeja Ljubljana.

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1 minute ago

Santa Clara with clearance in his pocket at halftime

Santa Clara beat Shkobe 2-0 in the first half, and in addition to winning (3-0) from the first leg, it is to say that the qualification is no longer for the team led by Daniel Ramos. But there is still another 45 minutes to play in the Azores. come with us.

3 minutes ago

Once again Marco…

43′ – A Shkobe goal was in sight. He sings after coming out of the left side of the attack, as the Macedonian Ismaili captain was shooting brilliantly, but the goalkeeper saved the ball superbly while continuing to shoot the ball into the post. Marco’s big show today.

6 minutes ago

Yellow card for Ali Adam

41′ – Jean Patrick is back to performing his tricks and now he ‘snatched’ a yellow card from Ali Adam in another quick run, only to get caught.

9 minutes ago

Goal by Santa Clara (2-0)

40′ – Villanueva drives hard after Lincoln’s corner kick.

16 minutes ago

Marco’s massive intervention to avoid a tie

31′ – João Afonso’s poor reception creates an opportunity for Shakopee, but Marco makes the spot well and avoids the draw. Singing for the Macedonians.

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21 minutes ago

Yellow card for Blairton Shigee

27′ – Now it was Blerton Sheji who got the yellow card after a tough tackle on Sagna.

23 minutes ago

24′ – Another shot from Shkobe in the match. This time it was Trabanovsky who tried his luck in front of goal, but Marco was good.

25 minutes ago

Naumowski’s superb save to avoid Santa Clara’s second

21′ – Following the free kick, Lincoln shot close to the Shkobe crossbar, but Naumowski made a superb save to avoid the goal.

27 minutes ago

Captain Shkobe’s yellow card

20′ – Shokobi captain Fati Ismaili got a yellow card after he missed a quick single shot from Jean Patrick.

32 minutes ago

The second was on the horizon

16′ – Free kick from Licoln and Mansour’s head deflection forced the opponent’s goalkeeper to make a great save.

34 minutes ago

Santa Clara goal (1-0)

13′ – Lincoln enters the Shkobe area on the left side and crosses to the far post, where Carlos Jr. heads into the net. Case to say it was another goal of Santa Clara’s “goalkeeper”…

35 minutes ago

12′ – Good play to understand Santa Clara attack, Carlos Jr touches his chest to Rui Costa who hits first, trying to surprise the goalkeeper who was in front, but the ball crossed the top.

39 minutes ago

Another try from my skoobi

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8′ – Shkobi tried again to shoot Marco’s goal. A shot from afar by a Macedonian player, he took advantage of the space given in the middle of the field, but already in the fall, the shot came weak and on Marco’s figure.

41 minutes ago

6′ – Shkobe’s timid reply. In the left corner of the attack, the ball is cut by the defense and left to the Macedonian player on the edge of the area, but the shot crosses Marko’s goal.

44 minutes ago

3′ – Lincoln’s long pass to the back of the defense as Carlos Jr. hit the pass but Shkobe’s keeper got off well and avoided the opening goal.

48 minutes ago

The match begins!

Ireland’s Rob Hennessy has already started this match. He came out playing my chocobi.

51 minutes ago

The meeting is about to begin…

The two teams are already on the pitch at Estádio de São Miguel, in Ponta Delgada, which already has the color of the fans (10% of capacity).

1 hour ago

Daniel Ramos forbade facilities in the preview of the meeting

Daniel Ramos warned his players to make things easier in the second leg against FC Shkope: Despite the three-goal advantage offered by North Macedonia, the Santa Clara coach does not want to be surprised at home and intends to win the match. 2nd League Conference Knockout.

“We take the match very seriously. It was a very important thing that I mentioned after the match. He was telling the staff that no one can make it easy. Zero facilitation. It’s just: zero. It’s like 0-0 and we and we are 0-0,” said the old coach 50 years in anticipation of the match he can’t count on Alano, who has suffered a meniscus injury, “you want to win the match and get through the tie.”

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1 hour ago

These are my Shakopee alternatives for this match:

Artan Elgazi, Chichmediev, Gorkovsky, Zuka, Choco, Markowski, and Abazi.

1 hour ago

These are the Santa Clara substitutes:

Ricardo Fernandez, Rodolfo Cardoso, Paulo Henrique, Rafael Ramos, Christian Gonzalez, Boateng, Costina, Anderson Carvalho, Riccardinho, Boldini and Crizanne.

1 hour ago

Our initials are Scooby

Chocobi enters the game with the following first eleven:

Naumovsky. Senghor, Rautopiai, Chiji, Freddy Flavarez; Iljazi, Gjorgjievski, Cvetanoski; Adam, Ismaili, and Trapanovsky.

1 hour ago

Santa Clara starting at eleven

Daniel Ramos bets on eleven starts:

Marco. Sagna, Villanueva, Joao Afonso, Mansour; Lincoln, Nene, Morita; Jean Patrick, Roy Costa and Carlos Jr.

1 hour ago

Santa Clara is seeking confirmation of approval

Good evening! Santa Clara enters the stadium on Thursday in front of the Macedonians Shkobe, in the second leg of the conference league qualifiers, in which they will start with a clear difference as a result of a win (3-0) in Macedonia. If they assert nepotism and move on, the Azores already know they will face the Slovenes from Olympeja Ljubljana. Stay on that side and continue the game.

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