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Santander is offering 15,000 scholarships for programming and data science courses at Let's Code |  capital

Santander is offering 15,000 scholarships for programming and data science courses at Let’s Code | capital

Santander will award 15,000 scholarships to programming and data science courses, in an increasingly common move among companies, which are taking charge of training the workforce in the face of a scarcity scenario exacerbated by the digitization of businesses in the pandemic.

In Brazil there are large companies that suffer from a shortage of qualified professionals and learning to code requires expressive request. At the University of Santander, we have a strategic vision to encourage young people to support raising the level of employment in the country – says Nicolas Vergara, Executive Supervisor at the University of Santander, the education-focused social arm of the bank that invests around R $ 40 million a year in scholarships for Brazilians.

Classes will be taught by Let’s Code programming school and candidates will be able to choose from two programs: Santander Coders Web Full Stack, with 10,000 scholarships aiming to teach a complete web system (End of the introduction e Back end); And Santander Coders Ciência de Dados with 5,000 scholarships. The 200 students who performed best in the first cycle, and 40 who excelled in the second program will be awarded new scholarships for advanced training.

Additionally, Santander Bootcamp will offer 50,000 vacancies for an online introductory course on immersion in programming, Santander Bootcamp, that will last 75 days.

All programs are aimed at people over the age of 18, with no restrictions on the level of education. Diversity criteria will be taken into account, with 30% of vacancies set aside for women and 50% for blacks and browns.

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Candidates will be selected through logic tests, with Bootcamp being the simplest. Entries can be made by Santander Scholarship Platform, May 17th to June 17th for coders. And until the third of June for the training camp.

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