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Santarém arbitration board deputy names Santa Clara-Benfica referee artist – Liga Bwin

Santarém arbitration board deputy names Santa Clara-Benfica referee artist – Liga Bwin

Antonio Gonsalves with a controversial comment in Standard Content about the game’s potential eleven

Benfica traveled to Ponta Delgada on Saturday to face Santa Clara (3-0 win) and game-related content is much commented on – as it happens with all big games – on the Record website and social networks. Hours before the meeting, our newspaper published an exhibition of the probably eleven Eagles, who could not count on Rafa, and in the post made on Facebook, there were those who showed themselves. One of the comments was made by Antonio Gonsalves, Vice-President of the Jury Board of AF Santarém. “I’m afraid of another artist out there,” he wrote. This comment did not go unnoticed and it sparks outrage that the author has arbitration responsibilities. Duarte Gomez, the former referee, even says that there are no conditions for Antonio Gonçalves to continue in his position, because even without mentioning the name it is seen as addressed to the match judge, Fabio Verissimo. “It is with great regret that I see that someone with responsibilities in arbitration (in this case, an area) has not been able to hold an opinion, in private, that he cannot publish at all. The vice-chairman of the arbitration board can never, under the pretense that anyone has this The position in relation to arbitrators, arbitration or other issues that, on their part, require ethical and professional equality,” he considered in a circular issued this Tuesday.

He continued, “My opinion of a person who has nothing to do with the industry or the way it is managed is simple: He does not have the conditions to continue in his position.”

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