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Santarém School Project Wins Abric Award at the 20th Science and Engineering Fair |  Santarem and the region

Santarém School Project Wins Abric Award at the 20th Science and Engineering Fair | Santarem and the region

Santa Cruz Municipal School, located about 20 km from Santarem, in the west of Barra, was one of the 10 finalists in the state to win the APRIC Prize at the 20th Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (February). The project with the theme “Teaching Fractions Using Fertilization in Family Farming in the Riverside Community of Piracãoera de Cima” won in the “Agricultural Sciences” category.

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The school project was presented at the Fair of Science and Educational Technologies of the Lower Amazon – Para Missourión (FECITBA-PA).

With the theme “Teaching Fractions Using Fertilization in Family Farming in the Piracãoera de Cima Riverside Community”, the project of the municipal school located in the floodplain area aims to facilitate the learning and teaching of fractions using correct fertilization in vegetable gardens. Improving agriculture as well as carrying out interdisciplinary procedures with the teaching of geography, history, Portuguese and science.

According to professor and project supervisor, Edivanderson Silva, each fertilizer was selected through a survey conducted with families about the types of materials most commonly used to grow vegetables.

In total, 16 parts(s) were developed and used in samples for each of the three plant species such as tomato, pepper, and sweet pepper.

Award-winning project team – Photo: Disclosure / Ascom Semed

“In addition to determining the best part of fertilizers for vegetables, it was also possible to note that cultivation when accompanied makes the use of pesticides unnecessary, thus making the final product more beneficial to our health and the end consumer. The pesticide can cause serious problems for those who handle it, as it remains in the soil Until it is washed away by rivers and reaches the drinking water springs for families in the community.The professor pointed out that the samples containing dung had a slow and slow growth.

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Maria José, Minister of Education of Santarem, congratulated the students and emphasized that education is transformative. “It is a pleasure to see students and teachers participate in the project and participate in science. Only education can change lives and make dreams come true. Congratulations on the award,” he emphasized.

Due to the constraints of controlling the covid-19 pandemic, the project exhibition for the 20th Febrace was held in a hybrid format.

Of the 70 projects from all over Brazil selected for the final, ten are from Parra, three of them are from Santarem.

Santarina School Projects:

“Analysis of the Presence of Electric Charges in Soils as a Means of Improving the Productivity of Agricultural Crops”, from the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Barra – Santarem Campus and “Application of Physics in Everyday Home Life”, from the Frei Ambrósio School.

The Brazilian Science and Engineering Fair (February) is a science and engineering talent program that promotes scientific culture, investigative knowledge, innovation and entrepreneurship among young people and teachers in basic and technical education in Brazil.

Since 2003, Febrace has held a large exhibition of scientific and technological projects at the University of São Paulo, which brings together students from all over Brazil.

Each year, Febrace mobilizes its national network of affiliated fairs and selects finalists for international competitions and fairs, as well as promotes numerous opportunities for students and educators in STEAM-related subjects – science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

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