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Santo Andre Women's Hospital…

Santo Andre Women's Hospital…

Fila Zero Health and humanized natural childbirth contribute to change; Elective gynecological surgeries already account for 50% of procedures

Santo André, April 30, 2024 – Maria José dos Santos Stein Women's Hospital, in Santo André, has recorded high numbers of surgeries. The total number of surgeries performed in 2023 increased by 35% compared to 2022. Elective gynecological surgeries in 2024 already represent 50% of surgeries performed, surpassing deliveries, which account for 36%. This change is mainly due to the Department of Health directing women's surgeries to the hospital, through the Villa Zero programme, as well as increased demand from women and the medical team's guidance for humanized delivery.

“The Women's Hospital is a reference and is designed to take care of comprehensive women's health at all stages of life. Currently, Andrenz not only gives birth in the hospital, but also undergoes consultations, examinations and surgeries. We have recently invested significantly in the latest equipment such as mammography, ultrasound and measuring machines. Bone density The current numbers reflect this new reality and the Fila Zero program has contributed to this change.

In 2022, 2,638 surgeries were performed; 3,099 in 2023 and 592 in the first two months of 2024, divided into gynecological and neonatal surgery, mammology and obstetrics. To give you an idea of ​​the scale of the numbers, between 2008 and 2012, 4,249 surgeries were performed at the Women's Hospital, in the first years of its operation.

In 2022, of these total numbers, deliveries represented 54% of operations, compared to 35% of gynecological surgeries. The reality changed in 2023, when 44% of gynecological surgeries and 40% of births were performed. The difference increases further in 2024 numbers, as gynecological surgeries represent 50% of surgeries and deliveries 36%.

“We have gone from three surgeries a day to 13 on average. We are encouraging administrative and physical changes to meet the city's demand. When we absorbed Villa Zero's operations, it was essential. The same kind of humanized births that are done in large private hospitals take place here. This Also generates greater interest, but always prioritises women's safety and choice,” notes Victor Chiavegato, General Director of the Santo Andre Hospitals Care Network.

The average occupancy rate in hospital environments also reflects this change. In 2022, the occupancy rate in the maternity ward was 71% and in the surgical clinic was 67%. In 2023, the maternity ward remained 57% occupied and the surgical clinic 86% occupied. Figures at the beginning of the year indicate a 31% occupancy rate in the maternity ward and 88% in the surgical clinic.

Humanized Childbirth – Humanized childbirth is the right of every pregnant woman, providing leadership for women whose choices are respected and heard. The medical and nursing staff do not intervene unless there is a problem with the mother or fetus. The Women's Hospital promotes natural and humanized natural childbirth, as well as humanized cesarean section, which is performed by decision of the mother at 39 weeks – the surgical procedure is stipulated by law or is performed on the recommendation of the medical team due to fetal distress.

“We welcome our pregnant residents with great compassion and respect. At this unique and special moment of birth, we need to ensure the safety and well-being of the mother and her baby, in addition to having a qualified team. We also use non-pharmacological methods to relieve pain, such as massage with essential oils, music therapy and color therapy. We also guarantee the presence of a companion chosen by the pregnant woman herself,” highlights the Technical Director of Hospital da Mulheur, Ana Paola Ponciano.

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