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Santo Andrés takes the lead in vaccination against Covid-19 - Diário do Grande ABC

Santo Andrés takes the lead in vaccination against Covid-19 – Diário do Grande ABC

Santo André takes the lead in vaccination against Covid-19

The city already has 56.43% of the population vaccinated with at least one dose

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07/18/2021 | 23:02

Santo Andrés has taken the lead in implementing vaccines against Covid-19 in Greater ABC, where 56.43% of the population has been immunized with at least one dose, leaving behind São Caetano, which did not apply fractions yesterday. This weekend alone, 13,765 Andrés residents received the drug. In this way the city reached the mark of 407,134 people with the first dose and 143,660 people with the second or single dose.

According to Mayor Paulo Serra (PSDB) posted on social networks, more than 70% of the adult population has already received the first dose. Currently, Santo André vaccinates people over 30 years of age.

São Caetano, in turn, appears second in the regional ranking. Covering 55.97% of the citizens in the first part. Ribeirão Pires comes next with 53.19%.

cases and deaths
Yesterday, the region recorded 116 new cases of COVID-19 and 13 deaths from the disease. Altogether, the number of people infected with the virus reached 231,487 and 9,325 people did not fight the virus.

The state of São Paulo slipped from the 15,000 hospital mark due to illness after 137 days – at the height of the second wave of infections with the new coronavirus, at the end of March, it reached more than 31,000 people in hospitals. There are currently 14,364 admissions. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 3.9 million cases and 134,803 deaths in the state. The total includes 2,783 diagnosed cases and 35 deaths recorded yesterday.

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In Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health, there are already 542,214 deaths (948 between Saturday and yesterday) and 19,376,574 confirmed cases of the disease.


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