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Santos tries to make money as Caio Jorge leaves for Juventus - Brazil

Santos tries to make money as Caio Jorge leaves for Juventus – Brazil

19-year-old is free to sign in January 2022

The complicated situation surrounding the transfer of Cayo surprised Jorge Santos. While the Brazilian club reached an agreement with Benfica regarding his departure from the Eagles, the young Brazilian striker signed a pre-agreement with Juventus, which led to the victory of the striker, who also took an interest in Milan.

Since Caio Jorge’s departure to Juventus has practically been completed, Santos is now trying to make some financial adjustments with the 19-year-old, who has terminated his contract with “Pixi” at the end of this season and is therefore free. Vecchia Signora’ in January 2022. This is a scenario the Brazilian logo is trying to avoid.


According to ‘Globoesporte’, it is not the plans of Cayo Jorge – nor his family – to leave Santos without receiving a financial reward. It remains to be seen whether Santos will actually receive a payment for the player’s transfer, or whether Juventus will wait for the striker to terminate his contract before they can announce it at the beginning of next year.

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