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São Bernardo begins the third dose for elderly people aged 80 to 84 years and transplant recipients aged 18 to 59 years

São Bernardo begins the third dose for elderly people aged 80 to 84 years and transplant recipients aged 18 to 59 years

The Covid-19 vaccination schedule opened on Wednesday (22/09) for these new audiences

In compliance with the state immunization plan (PEI), the city of São Bernardo has started applying the third dose against Covid-19 in elderly people aged 80-84 and transplant recipients aged 18-59, starting Thursday (09/23) ).

The schedule of reinforcements for the new groups is available on the City Hall website ( and on the “SBC na Palma da Mão” app. To enroll, seniors aged 80 to 84 must have taken their second dose by March 25, 6 months apart to apply the booster, and those aged 18 to 59 must have taken their second dose through August 13, more than 28 days from the previous vaccination.

The mayor confirmed that fortification in the city is continuing at a rapid pace with presentations to all groups already covered. “We have already applied more than 1.1 million doses that have been effective in combating severe cases of disease and essential in reducing hospitalizations,” he added.

Older adults over 85 years of age and ILPI—People 85 years of age or older continue to be vaccinated at home, with 80% already receiving the third dose. ILPI residents were already 100% immunized with the booster dose.

Expect Pfizer Use – Another PEI guideline followed by the city council is to reduce the interval for applying the second dose of Pfizer, which is now eight weeks or two months. The first group covered by the measure is adults between the ages of 35 and 39, as of Thursday (23/09). All those who received the first dose of the immunizing agent until July 29 can make an appointment.

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20 New Vaccination Stations – The municipality on Wednesday expanded the application of the second dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 to 20 Basic Health Units (UBSs) which has expanded its operation, through the Health Program in due course. The job is speaking by appointment, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. UBSs that begin to offer dosing application at night are: Planalto, São Bernardo Park, Farina, Ferrazópolis, Nazareth, Vila Marchi, Orquídea, União, Represa, Vila Rosa, Vila Euclides, Demarchi, Leblon, Ipê, São Pedro, Silvina, Alves Dias, Alvarenga, Battistini and Tapao.

Advanced Jobs – The city also maintains five advanced Covid-19 vaccination centers, open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. They are: Adib Moysés Dib Multisport Gym (Avenida Kennedy, 1155, Parque Anchieta), Multisport Gym of Jardim das Orquídeas (Poney Club Road, 90, Alvarenga), Multisport Gym of Riacho Grande (Rua Marcílo Conrado, 210, Riacho Grande), Center The athlete at Jardim Lavínia (Avenida Capitão Casa, 1500, Jardim Lavínia) and the multi-gym in Crec Vila São Pedro (Ruas Tiradentes, 1845, Santo Antonio, 300).