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Sara Norte postpones the wedding again: "My family has not had easy years"

Sara Norte postpones the wedding again: “My family has not had easy years”

North pleasant love affair with Vasco Falla Cruz six years ago. In May of this year, the couple was celebrating another anniversary, and the actress, after her engagement, did not rule out the possibility of marriage.

However, this is a step has been postponed🇧🇷 The two were about to go up to the altar, however The beginning of the covid-19 pandemic and later, Sister Beatrice diesa leukemia victim, meant that the couple had to change the date and plans for the ceremony.

However, the actress, who is also a Red Carpet commentator on SIC Caras, admits that she still You don’t feel ready To take the decisive step forward, the wedding continues to be postponed.

He talks to the magazine VIPSarah Norte said:I still don’t want to think about it. My family hasn’t had easy years and I think they need to get stronger. When we are all well and at peace, yes, that makes sense. At the moment, not yet“, He confessed.

However, the actress says she’s already getting into the Christmas spirit, and thinking about how she’ll spend Christmas Eve with her family. 🇧🇷It will be another night where my family gets together. To tell you the truth, it’s a nostalgic night but being surrounded by my folks makes everything easierHe confirmed.

Recall that Sara Norte recently witnessed a small “horror” over the health of her actor father Victor Nortewho underwent surgery for a tumor on his head and recovered quickly and well.

“For the first time in two years I went to watch your videos,” Sarah Norte recalls to her sister.

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