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Sarah Carrera died three years ago.  Remember the artist in the pictures

Sarah Carrera died three years ago. Remember the artist in the pictures

Tuesday, December 5, marks three years since his death Sarah Carrera. A young woman lost her life in a traffic accident on the A1 highway. In the same car, her friend followed her. Ivo Lucaswho suffered some injuries.

Born on October 21, 1999 in France, Sarah was the youngest of three siblings and was always associated with the world of music. First, because of the influence of the father, Tony CarreraAnd after the brothers Michael that it David.

He stood on a big stage for the first time when he was twelve years old, alongside his father. An emotional moment in the Altice Arena, which fans still remember today.

In 2018, Sarah Carrera began taking her first steps in the world of music by releasing the song I like youWith his brother David Carrera. The following year he released songs I will stay that it So that you don’t crys. At the beginning of 2020, he starred in the program The maskfrom Sik.

In addition to music, the young woman also launched a clothing brand Éssê by Sarah Carrerain partnership with Michaela Oliveira.

About a year after the fateful accident in December 2020, the Carrera family created the Sarah Carrera Association to immortalize the name of the young woman and help children and young people achieve their dreams in the most diverse ways.

Photos: Instagram Reproduction, DR