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Sarah Engels goes to Alessio's life-saving clinic

Sarah Engels goes to Alessio’s life-saving clinic

Sarah Engels
Serious visit to the clinic where Alessio was in mortal danger

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Sarah Engels’ emotional moment: The singer was on her way to the hospital where her son Alessio was being treated for a heart condition.

Sarah Engels, 29, finds happiness in life with her second husband, Julian Engels, 28, and their six-year-old son. Especially on social networks, you can clearly see how much the singer looks forward to the upcoming family life with both of them and their yet unborn second child.

Sarah Engels worries about her unborn child

But there are also disturbing moments during Sarah’s pregnancy. Dreams and initial worries about the baby frightened her. The baby is well in her womb, but understandably Sarah still has to think – when her son Alessio, who married 29-year-old Pietro Lombardy, was born in 2015 with a heart defect and was in danger of death. Then only surgery can save him. Since then, Sarah has been thinking not only about her own child, but also about other children and parents, then having to face something like what she did.

Emotional visit to pediatric cardiology

So, without much guessing, Sarah accepted the job of project sponsor for “RTL – We Help Children” and the RTL Donation Marathon (November 18 and 19, 2021). Going to the pediatric heart clinic and polyclinic at the University Clinic in Cologne was one of the first items on the show – the clinic where Alessio was treated and operated on at the time: “For me it was always a special experience. Said the place.

At the clinic, the 29 – year – old met his daughter and her mother, who was born with a heart defect: “I know how you feel and how desperate you are in this situation. Now you have to meet a mother who is experiencing something similar., Touched me so much. I know, I can not help your child, you can wait for the doctors to help you, and above all, hope that one day your child will be healthy. You can take him home. “

Sarah decided she wanted to be a mother again anyway

Despite the bad times, there is no doubt that Sarah wants to be pregnant again: “Of course you care about every pregnancy. But being a mom is the best thing in the world, that’s why I decided to get pregnant again. It was a very conscious decision. I had a lot of fears and worries during pregnancy. I do not want to experience such a situation again.

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