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Sarah Matos' son turns one: "We love you so much, even though you're from Futebol Clube do Porto"

Sarah Matos’ son turns one: “We love you so much, even though you’re from Futebol Clube do Porto”

This Thursday, September 15th, is a special day for Sarah Matos And the Pedro Teixeira. Son bookletwho was affectionately treated by Manilito, completes one year of age, as noted by the actress and presenter in Stories for you Instagram pageAnd so is her sister-in-law.

“The love of my life is one year old”He said in a photo showing a boy’s birthday cake. Now see:

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Sarah Matos reveals her son’s first word

Sarah Matos also shared photos and messages from her sister-in-law, Joanna Castro. “Congratulations Manu! We love you so much, even though you are from Futebol Clube do Porto And the “Congratulations Aunt Love! My baby is dancing and in a good mood. Let’s dance for the rest of our lives, my pet. Congratulations love Sarah Matos and Pedro Teixeira! Our family is perfect! “can be read.

Note that Pedro Teixeira is a fan of FCP

Sarah Matos in a charming video receives “Mimos” from her son

Remember, Manuel is the first joint child of Sarah Matos and Pedro Teixeira. The actor and presenter is also a father Maria12 years old, as a result of a previous relationship with Claudia Vieira.

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