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Sarah Norte works in a restaurant and is touched by the words of a fan

Sarah Norte works in a restaurant and is touched by the words of a fan

Actress Sarah Norte said on Instagram that she accepted a new professional challenge and was delighted with the words of a fan.

using Instagram, Sarah North Inform followers that he has a new professional job: At the moment, an actress, 36, works in a restaurant.

“As everyone knows, I don’t like being stuck, and like most people, I can’t stand it.
About a month ago I came back to embark on a new adventure: I currently work at a beach restaurant and I enjoy it a lot,” she began by saying Sarah Norte, explaining a photo of her smiling at the door of that restaurant.

The artist took the opportunity to recall the amazing words of a client who attended, in that restaurant: “The other day, there was a client who recognized me and told me, perhaps, the things that surprised me the most: I liked” watching TV more, but we should gladly do whatever we set out to do I saw him in me. The truth is that sometimes we may not do what we love, but the important thing is to keep the faith, not to give up and never let our arms down.”

“And yes, I’m still an actress. I always will be. I didn’t change my life, I just had to adapt as a lot of people do at the moment,” Sarah Nortey continued.

Now see the photo of Sarah Norte in this new career challenge in the gallery we have prepared for you.

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