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Sarah Paradas breaks the silence after the death of Maria Joao Abreu - news

Sarah Paradas breaks the silence after the death of Maria Joao Abreu – news

On the day Portugal bid farewell to Maria João Abreu, Sarah Paradas took to Instagram to share a message about the actress’s death.

You will definitely cry with affection, and see all the feelings Portugal is crying for you, He wrote in a commentary on a photo of Maria João Abreu.

Of note, Sarah Pradas’ post’s comment box has been deactivated. Perhaps this decision is due to the fact that the actress received many obnoxious comments after the death of Maria João Abreu.

The actress died on May 13, at the age of 57, after being hospitalized on April 30, after suffering an aneurysm. The funeral of Maria João Abreu will take place on Saturday, May 15th, when hundreds of dear Portuguese artist are bid farewell.

Children Miguel and Ricardo Raposo were unable to attend the funeral. This is because Miguel has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus and because his brother has been in contact with it, he is in protective isolation.

However, Maria’s son-in-law Joao Abreu, Ricardo’s wife, Rita, said the actress “left peacefully while listening to a song she loved”. He added, “He waited for the last breathing chord in the guitar the last time.”

Maria João Abreu has been married to Jose Raposo for more than two decades and are the parents of Miguel and Ricardo. After years of separation, the actress made a contract with Joao Soares and Jose Raposo married Sarah Paradas.

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