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Sarah passed away a year ago.  Eternal longing for the princess of the vocation clan

Sarah passed away a year ago. Eternal longing for the princess of the vocation clan

sAra Carrera died exactly a year ago. It was Saturday December 5, 2020, when the family received News of the tragic car accident On the A1 road, in the Santarém district.

It was Ivo Lucas, a friend of the young singer, who drove the car and at the time was taken to the Hospital de Santarem.

From the moment the news of Sarah Carrera’s death became public, many people in shock turned to social media and “flooded” the Internet with various messages of appreciation and messages of support for the family, as well as Evo Lovas. Words of affection that are still in a wave of solidarity to this day.

She still remembers Sarah Carrera a lot, and one of the people who cares is that the young singer remembers her great friend barbarian flag. During this first year after Sarah’s departure, Barbara selects every 5th day of every monthWithout forgetting of course the history Friend’s birthday.

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After months of great loss, the Carreira family created the Associação de Sara Carreira to perpetuate the 21 years of the clan’s princess life, as well as to continue her supportive side.

A foundation that helps young people realize their dreams, and provides scholarships to those who need them most. This year, the association helped 21 scholarship holders.

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At the beginning of December, SIC broadcast its first Gala dos Suna concert, by Associação Sara Carreira, to help raise funds for the foundation. An emotional moment that brought the family and many familiar faces together.

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On this important day, we have collected in the gallery some photos of Sarah Carrera.

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