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Sarah Prata reveals that her daughter underwent surgery: “A tight heart”

Sarah Prata reveals that her daughter underwent surgery: “A tight heart”

sAra Brata used her Instagram account to reveal that her daughter Amelia recently underwent adenoid and throat surgery and is recovering.

“Cuddle mode activated! In the near future, we will be here, more collected and in our own bubble. Amelia had surgery on her adenoids and throat (like many children her age) and now here we are, in the warmth of the blankets while she recovers,” the actress began writing. .

“But since you're always so great with her, I thought today you'd also want to send this sweet girl a gift. And while Mom and Dad are feeling so upset these days (damn…it's really hard to see 'em' in these conditions, even if it's a routine surgery) it's all Something much easier because we see her calm and strength in this adaptation. Children are really strong, and it's amazing to realize that. They even danced yesterday after returning home from the hospital. “Something sweeter,” he continued, reassuring his followers.

“Well, now I'll be her bed again, because one thing's for sure: a mother's hug heals and so does ice cream,” the actress concluded.

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