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Sarah Souza Pinto: Away from TVI

Sarah Souza Pinto: Away from TVI

Sarah Souza Pinto is far from TVI. Since October 19, the journalist has been absent from the small screen in the morning, and fans are worried. 🇧🇷

On the TVI program “Esta Manhã”, the journalist shares the screen with Nuno Eiró and Iva Dominguez. Without going into details, the journalist took to social media to reveal that she would be staying at home and assumed it was a health issue.

Sarah Souza Pinto has been absent from Sabah TVI for a month.

“I took this picture on the last day I went to work… and I couldn’t fool myself. These three hours of living cost me terrible, as much as they force me to go home now
However… I won’t be back tomorrow yet but my kids are all there from 7am onwards. Tweet embed 🇧🇷
To those on this side, thanks for the kind words, but without filling me with questions.
I’ll tell you the news”

Sarah Souza Pinto: Away from TVI

Since “Esta Manhã” premiered in September 2020, Sara Souza Pinto has managed to conquer the audience step by step. He left the newsroom at TVI24 live to attend a program on TVI generalista. It is a program with an innovative infotainment format that blends information and entertainment.

The dynamic and fun trio he starred with Nuno Eiró and Iva Domingues started out “shy” but little by little captured the audience. Currently, TVI’s Esta Manhã is one of the most watched programs on TV at the time.

Sarah Souza Pinto hasn’t revealed when she’ll be back on screen, but it won’t be for the time being.

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