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Saraya talks about her ability to wrestle again in WWE

Saraya talks about her ability to wrestle again in WWE

Saraya debuted in AEW In the dynamite Big bangsafter, after He left WWE in JulyAfter not renewing the contract with the company.

In recent years, the Briton was knocked out of the ring due to a serious neck injury, which forced her to retire, and to play various roles inside the ring. WWE in this period.

A few days ago, it was revealed Ex Paige is clinically qualified to fight backbut now in AEW.

When we talk about a Stream From TwitchThe former Divas Champion revealed that a possible return for the episode has not been discussed with WWE.

We did not have this discussion. I never had that discussion with WWE because they fired me. I have been working for years to improve myself and be healthier and stronger.

I never talked about it mentally, because I had this state of mind. I want to be as safe as possible. I know what my body can do.

WWE and I have never had this discussion about having a match. I never told them about me I might fight again. If I talked to them about it, I’m sure they would have done the research.

I wasn’t mentally prepared. It still makes me nervous, but I’m much smarter about it.

I know what I can do and what I cannot do. I don’t expect to turn six German suplexes From the third series. I’m not that fighter anyway. I don’t expect to walk around giving Pitfallslike before.

I need to make adjustments and be smart. I am fully aware of what I can and cannot do.

would you like to see Saraya Back to wrestling in WWE?

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