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Save Certificates: Rules may change soon

Save Certificates: Rules may change soon

Savings certificates are public debt securities issued by the Portuguese state, exclusively to natural persons. This used to be one of the ways the Portuguese favored it when it came to saving, but the rules may be about to change.

Certificates of Savings: Total interest rate of 3.5%

In view of all that was going on, certificates of savings were the method chosen by the Portuguese to make the most of their savings. The rates are better than those available in banks, and thus more Portuguese have this type of address.

As revealed SICIn the first quarter of 2023, Portuguese families invested more than 9 billion euros in savings certificates. On the other hand, banks lost 3 billion euros due to betting on savings certificates.

For now, savers benefit from a total interest rate of 3.5%, the maximum allowed by law, reveals the channel.

Antonio Ribeiro, savings product specialist and financial analyst, is mentioned in an article by protest investment The rules for postal savings certificates may change soon.

Each subscription earns interest on a quarterly basis, with that interest capitalized. There is also a residence premium, explains ProtestInvest, of 0.5% from the beginning of the second year until the end of the fifth year, and 1% from the sixth year until the end of 10 years.

In the change scenario, Antonio Ribeiro considers that the government could do the following: move forward with changes related to the “rate of return for future subscriptions to savings certificates”; Or proceed even with the issuance of a new series with other terms and lower wages.

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