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Save Your Souls: 10 Mobile Apps for Your Peace of Mind

When city life is exhausting, sleep becomes intermittent, and the voice becomes irritable, the weak give up and buy a house in the country. The hardy goes to a bar, try this worldwide online casino, a pharmacy, or a therapist. We have collected ten mobile applications, which return mental comfort no worse than a walk along the lake if there is no lake at hand. 

Let’s Create! Pottery HD

Remember Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore at the potter’s wheel in “Ghost”? Calming down through creativity is a proven method. The long-standing popularity of the Let’s Create! Pottery app proves its effectiveness once again. In the game, you turn into a potter who molds and paints jugs. As you practice your virtual craft and watch the movement of the potter’s wheel, you feel relaxed and at ease. You can try it with someone like Patrick Swayze.

White Noise

When unfinished business is constantly spinning your head, and your nerves are like strings, it’s hard to fall asleep. The app generates pleasant, soothing sounds – natural or familiar backgrounds. Among them are the rustle of ocean waves, the rustle of the night forest, the steady hum of a fan, the rumble of disc wheels, and much more. You can mix effects to create your sound languages. White noise is convenient to run before going to sleep: after a preset time, the volume will gradually decrease and the application will shut down. There is also a soft wake-up function, such as the chirping of birds or the sound of rain. White noise won’t do it for you, but it will make your morning memories less crazy.

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Panic attacks are the “New Black”. A cute game helps to cope with panic attacks, teaches you to control your breathing. You need to blow up along with the painted cloud so that the virtual boat does not go off course. During the game, even breathing becomes easier, the level of anxiety and fear decreases. According to the developers, you can buy a panic attack in 90 seconds of the game, and a significant improvement in the system will appear in four weeks.

Insight Timer

Meditation is a good way to regain peace of mind or grind it from scratch. The Insight Timer has collected a huge collection of voiced meditation classes from the world guru, representing different traditions and teachings. In addition to the lessons, there are more than eight hundred relaxing melodies and background sounds in the app. There is no need to be an advanced yoga practitioner to practice meditation: the app is suitable for beginners. Just turn on the music, let go of the bad thoughts and watch. But not around, as usual, but inside yourself.


A secure way, friendly for children to heal themselves and escape reality for an hour or two is to start coloring pictures. Colorfy is colored for adults, but instead of chewing pencils, you use your fingers. The application provides a wide palette of colors and many different patterns: animals, patterns, mandalas. From this color therapeutic trance, you will emerge much more calm and peaceful. Beware: Coloring time flies fast and completely unnoticed.


The application offers to put life on pause and immerse yourself, slowly draw lines and drawings on the screen with your finger under soothing sounds. According to the developers, this simple action helps to ease the brain and relieve stress, anxiety, and depression. You can draw zigzags and circles even with your eyes closed. As soon as you stop, the picture and music will disappear from the screen. If you have a habit of writing on the margins of books and diary pages, a pause will be a good alternative.

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Another calming activity at the crossroads of creativity and meditation is origami. The app has more than 70 levels, from the simplest to the most complicated. Bending electronic pieces of paper and accurately matching the joints, you’ll forget about the problems and focus only on the graceful colored shapes. Paperama gives you hints in difficult cases and awards stars for success.


A very popular application for relaxation and meditation all over the world. In Calm you will find dozens of ready-made meditation sessions, nature sounds, and soothing ambient music. Sessions vary in duration: you can choose short, three-minute, or longer, quarter-hour sessions. Calm is suitable for smooth and soft sleep and useful relaxing breaks during the day when you need to clarify your thoughts, relieve nervous tension, but not fall out of the life and work rhythm.

We hope that just reading it helped you feel a little better. And now take your smartphone and download it.