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Saved from a sinking car

Saved from a sinking car

– I heard a crash and saw a big splash in the sea. I ran towards the place as fast as I could out of pure instinct, Sas Popovic told Danis my house

Friday night, December 22, took a dramatic turn for Popovich. He was on his way to a bar along the harbor in Copenhagen, Denmark, when he heard the plane crash.

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– Panic

The sound came from a car that accidentally drove straight into the sea. An elderly couple writes in the car and it soon starts to sink my house who spoke to two witnesses to the incident, including Popovich.

Gustavo Cordes also witnessed the car ending up in the water. He runs a bar close to the accident site.

– I saw a terrified elderly couple inside the car. It was terrible, Cordes says my house

He ran to the bar, put on a wetsuit, then jumped into the cold December sea to help.

Shares vaguely about illness

Shares vaguely about illness

The car window is broken

There was a dramatic rescue operation in the following minutes. A number of passers-by tried to shout at the couple in the car, demanding that they try to get out of the submerged car, according to what was reported by Sky News. my house

– I thought they couldn't do that. They were in shock. We had to smash the car window so we could pull them out,” Popović recalls.

Emergency services were called through an automatic notification system when the couple's car ended up in the sea.

A number of people stood on the sidewalk and tried to smash the car window, including with cell phones, to no avail. Popovich says he ran to a nearby bar and got a fire extinguisher, before running back into the December cold.

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– I said “Move!” “They smashed the side window with one hit,” he says. my house

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People on the sidewalk were able to pull the elderly man through the window and onto the sidewalk. The woman was able to get out on her own.

The entire car went under water a few seconds after the woman got out, Popovich says.

He believes the incident would have ended differently if witnesses had not reacted quickly.

– They died, Popovic adds my house

Emergency services arrived quickly after the dramatic rescue. They later reported that the couple emerged from the accident unharmed. The accident was likely caused by the driver feeling “unwell” and driving into the sea, according to police.

Emergency services in the Danish capital described passersby as “heroes.” my house