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Saviola on Enzo and remembers his time at Luz: "When we were at Benfica, nobody wanted to leave" - ​​Benfica

Saviola on Enzo and remembers his time at Luz: “When we were at Benfica, nobody wanted to leave” – ​​Benfica

El Conejo spoke to ESPN about River Plate’s previous move to the Eagles, while recalling some of the “best years” of his career.

Javier Saviola is one of the most cherished names in the Benfica world, and this Wednesday, in comments to “ESPN”, he once again showed why he remains in the hearts of Benfica fans. The former Argentina international, who represented the Reds between 2009 and 2012, referred to his three years in Lisbon as “one of the best” of his career – which included spells at clubs like River Plate, Barcelona, ​​Monaco, Seville or even Real Madrid – without To forget to comment on compatriot Enzo Fernandez’s move to the Eagles. “I think that [Enzo Fernández] He arrived at a very important club, one of the best in Europe, and where people will really love him,” he began by saying the former Argentine striker, then explained the great affection he had since the times he lived in Luz: “Being in an amazing club.. as I always say : I realized the greatness of Benfica as soon as I walked into the club’s facilities and spoke to the people. It is one of the clubs with the largest number of members in the world. It’s been an amazing three years, one of the best years of my career. I have a very special affection for the club, the people and everyone who has been with me during those three years. Obviously, the fact that they are fighting for important things, turns out that Benfica was a stepping stone to getting to a higher place. When we were at Benfica, nobody wanted to leave the club. They are very big, they play in the Champions League almost every year, they have teams that have gone down in history, like ours. With Jesus we made a great team with Pablo [Aimar]Di Maria, Luisao… It was a team that was remembered for a long time.”

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