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says in.  Guimarães that Alvaro Pacheco “wants to clean up his image”: “inappropriate behavior and uncontrolled ambition” – V.  Guimarães

says in. Guimarães that Alvaro Pacheco “wants to clean up his image”: “inappropriate behavior and uncontrolled ambition” – V. Guimarães

The heads of the administrative bodies signed a joint statement

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The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the General Assembly of the City of Vitoria, Belmiro Pinto dos Santos, as well as the Presidents of the Finance Council and the State Council, Ricardo Martins Lobo and João Henrique Faria, respectively, signed a joint statement in which they commented on Álvaro's decision. Pacheco announces that he intends to file a criminal complaint for defamation against Antonio Miguel Cardoso.

The presidents of those three institutional bodies begin by stating that “without prejudice to the dismissal for work done within a short period of 7 months, the fact is that Mr. Álvaro Pacheco is not, or has ever been, a member of Vitoria SC; That he held any office and/or held any office, private or public, could distinguish him as a Victorian.” The same statement continues: “Now, Mr. Álvaro Pacheco does not have and has never had any connection with the club, other than that in force during the above-mentioned period, and only as a professional performing his coaching duties in strict compliance with his obligations.” As such, which requires, in addition to others, the delivery and commitment that he breached from the beginning when he asked the club management for permission to negotiate another contract with a Brazilian club, and the delivery and commitment that he breached when, without in fact, he took the risk of participating and announcing a business dinner. “With the officials of this Brazilian club, at the expense of an event with the players of the football team, in a fundamental period for sporting aspirations.”

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Belmiro Pinto dos Santos, Ricardo Martinez Lobo and João Henrique Faria are aware that Álvaro Pacheco “contrary to what he wants to believe” in his press release, “wants, but in vain, to use Vitoria, its partners and supporters, quite clearly.” “The intention is to clean up his image, which was damaged by his inappropriate behavior and out-of-control ambition.”

In the same statement, officials recall that “the defense of the interests of this prestigious, century-old club, namely its honor and reputation, has always been and will be defended by its huge legion of associations and fans as well as by the respective governing bodies of those elected and those holding office.”

“We wish Mr. Álvaro Pacheco success in his next sporting project at Regatas Club Vasco da Gama, but we strongly reject any attempt to claim that we are responsible for the interests of Vitoria Club, in any circumstance or situation, because it lacks status or legitimacy of influence,” added Belmiro Pinto dos Santos. , Ricardo Martinez Lobo, and João Henrique Faria, before leaving a final note for Antonio Miguel Cardoso: “We accept as true all the facts included in the management statement, some of which are directly known to subscribers, and expressly declare the institutional support of the management and the personal support of its president, Antonio Miguel Cardoso.”

Written by Bruno Freitas


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