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SC Braga B squandered their lead and Lorosa remains unbeaten ::

SC Braga B squandered their lead and Lorosa remains unbeaten ::

We played a great match in Al Faw. SC Braga and Lusitânia de Lourosa tied 2-2This came after a lively 90 minutes and did not fall into the hands of any of the teams competing to advance to the second division.

The first half was played at a good pace. If we just look at the statistics, we might think they are not interesting, but both teams were keen to show the quality that has been the norm in recent matches.

The home team started the game more cautiously, waiting for what Lorosa could do with the ball. However, in a simple clearance in the opposition defence, SC Braga scored the first goal of the match. Vasco Moreira passed Yan Said deep and the striker put the team ahead with a cross. The score was 1-0 in the first half.

Braga's performance improved in the second half, and in the 52nd minute they were able to increase their lead. Joao Vasconcelos triangulated with Yan Said and the Portuguese hit a powerful shot (with his worst foot) to provide further peace of mind.

Lusitânia de Lourosa never gave up and managed to reduce the gap between the two teams through Sérgio Ribeiro, who was released as the match progressed. This hope had another chapter in the final half, as Joba Xaba equalized after Jefferson Nimme's cross.

The result did not change further, and Lorosa added another point to consolidate first place, while Braga occupies third place with eight points (two points less than Alverca).

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