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SC Freiburg Hoffenheim - Shows nerves in the best game against football

SC Freiburg Hoffenheim – Shows nerves in the best game against football

After the 1: 2 defeat to TSG Hoffenheim, SC Freiberg was particularly annoyed by unpunished mistakes. But Freiburg had often lost before that.

SC lost in the Freiburg match and, for the time being, TSG Hoffenheim finished in the Champions League. It caused a good mood at the sports club on Saturday, but it kept the anger boiling. “Well, it’s actually reached the limit somewhere,” murmured coach Christian Streich on the SWR Sport microphone, referring to referee Frank Villanborg. At the break, shortly before the final goal from Chris Richards’ goal, he did not punish Lucas Holler for snatching a jersey, but Sebastian Rudy made the following mistake. “Free kick results in corner and corner kicks.”

Freiburg captain Christian Gunder also presented a gift after his anniversary game (250th appearance for SC Freiburg): “I think every word I say here is too much. Everyone has seen it. It’s very bitter for us.” However, he did not want to blame only the referee. “It was a close game, we had a chance to take a 2-1 lead – unfortunately we did not use them.”


SC Freiburg coach Christian Streich after the fight between Freiburg and Hoffenheim. Reactions to the VfB game at Wolfsburg and Karlsruhe against Heidenheim. For the Sports Hero 2021 election, we are introducing Philip Rice.

SWR game


Grifo awarded a penalty for SC Freiburg

Vincenzo Griffov had the best chance (63rd minute). But usually the most determined penalty shooter fails this time because of his old teammate Oliver Bauman. “In the last game against Olly, I shot to the left. I thought he would jump back into the corner and try to shoot the other side.” However, Hoffenheim was not the only goalkeeper to give Griffo another ten consecutive penalties in a row: “He was not shot as usual. It hurts a lot.”

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Another good performance and no points again for Freiburg

Kevin Shade may have kept Freiburg in the lead (25th), but failed due to Bowman. Bowman lost in the final against Lucas Kupler (87th). In the end, Freiburg would have been satisfied with a point in a better game where Breiscov finished fourth and had a better lead than Hoffenheim. After a goal from David Ram (3rd) and Nico Schlotterbeck (21st) the score is 1: 1. “Then it’s a standard that determines the game,” said annoyed captain Christian Thunder.

However, SC Freiburg did not have much time to deal with the setback. Already Wednesday (8:30 pm) Live in the audio stream on It goes to Union Berlin. This is a clear advantage for Christian Thunder: “Sometimes it’s better to go straight, then not think about it for a long time. Now we go to Berlin on Wednesday, where we get three points.”

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The 22-year-old was injured during the rescue operation and had to be replaced. He said “OK” Stretch. Only additional details will be shown at the hearing scheduled for Sunday.