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Scandal on “Big Brother”! Quintino Aires “reveals” his rival with a dark past – Nacional

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Jessica Galhovas25 years old, lives in Feyzin, a suburb south of Lyon (France), plays football for Seixal and lives at the Sociedade Filarmónica União Artística Piedense campsite, on the Costa de Caparica, I’ve already gotten a taste of his complicated life On the show “Big Brother”, but “Curve Life” revealed A A list of unimaginable tragedies in the life of one person at that age.

The competitor was born in Lisbon and remembers that, Only when he was two years old did he meet his paternal grandparents. But people told him not to call them grandparents, because they wouldn’t be. “I felt sad, hurt, alone and incomprehensible” he says. His life, now turbulent, began to change radically when he was ten years old Official but not biological fatherimmigrates to France in search of a better-paying job. His mother, Sandra, followed later The TVI reality star has now been left with her grandparents, which has left her angry. “I had to get attention. I skipped classes, argued with everyone. I was fighting with my classmates at school. He got in trouble for everything and nothing. I felt very angry and missed my father so much.“, says the hospitality specialist. The solution that the family found in Portugal was to send her to Lyon to be with her parents, and end the nightmare for them and the teenager.

He claims he was bullied at school in FranceBecause she was a girl who wore skirts and painted herself. friends They thought it was “easy.” a guarantee He abused and insulted her for not speaking French He even had the nickname “Morue” which means cod. He confirms that he resorted to sports and even declares this Football “saved” her.
Saved but only for a short time. In 2017, during summer vacation, He finds out that his father, Pedro, is his stepfather after all. “My mother told me that he never wanted to come to me, that he never wanted to know me“Just that,” he describes He was able to meet his father A week before he entered the TVI reality show because his uncle died and he went to the funeral. In addition to a dysfunctional family life, the young Lisbon woman had three disastrous romantic relationships. “My first boyfriend, when I was with him, was in a relationship with my best friend. I caught them in bed and I just remember grabbing her by the hair. The way it was, I left my house. I was completely naked“, she stated. Moreover, Jessica, full of emotion, added details to her love life: “My last boyfriend was the love of my life. I suffered from psychological violence and domestic violence. I was pregnant with twins and he forced me to have an abortion. The answer he gave me was: “Then we have two to throw away.” He even hit me in the stomach to make me lose them.“TV Guia featured all the life stories told by Jessica Galhovas on BB A Joaquim Quintino AireyIf things don’t, eventually, as we’ve all seen and heard on TV. “It can indeed happen that a person has a lot of negative things in life, but the probability that this is a mental construction of an immature personality, which is the name we usually give to this type of personality, is much higher than the probability of this all happening at once. , same person“,” begins the psychotherapist and clinical psychologist. According to the CMTV commentator, “In psychology we usually say that “what is repetitive, is repetitive.” “What is rare is rare”, and therefore, we are always guided by probabilities.” In the same journal, Quintino Ayres asserts that if parts of the story told by Jessica Galhovas on TVI are a lie, it is easy to detect them in the clinical observation: “This case, in consultation Psychology, it will be taken as a construction of an immature personality, as a wake-up call, as a narcissism that needs to shine for something and is trying to shine for all these misfortunes.The famous psychologist reveals how the parts of the story told by contestant “BB” will be eliminated and then displayed with the naked eye: “In the consultation, this will be the first direction we will take, and we never rule out the possibility that things may actually happen. But we will not pay so much attention to the hypothesis that everything happened as to the possibility that it is a mental construct in an immature personality.” He was also asked by TV Guia about the possibility of Jessica suffering from an illness, and Quintino Ayres admitted another scenario: “It may be a more serious condition than conduct disorder. This would be a state close to psychopathy. It also has this behavior, but we left that to a second hypothesis“In short, in the consultation “in the first place,” according to the face of CMTV, the contestant will be placed under the premise of possessing an immature narcissistic personality.The second relates to a behavioral disorder and the third is the possibility that the stories are true. But this is already a very small probability“.

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