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Scare a robot when talking to a crowd at CES 22

the Amika robot Released at the end of 2021 which quickly spread by reproducing facial expressions in an incredibly realistic way, it was finally his first contact with the public in CES 2022, the largest tech fair that exists today.

Developed by a British company engineering arts Dedicated to the production of advanced technologies, the robot has demonstrated its ability to “speak” for the first time.

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The threat is the most advanced humanoid robot in the world,” the company and its creators say could serve as a platform for the development of future robotics technologies.

β€œThe reason a robot can look like a human is to interact with people,” said Will Jackson, CEO. Engineer ArtsIn an interview with Reuters at the time. “That’s why we built these expressive robots.”

The humanoid robot will be available for rent at posts to events and for sales, remembering that it still can’t walk.

“Walking is a challenging task for a robot, and while we’ve done research on it, we haven’t created a complete walking human.” Morgan Roe, COO of Engineered ArtsHe says it will take at least 10 years for the bot to like it Amica He can walk among us.

Watch the video that leaked from CES 2022 and frightened netizens

Recreational robots

Enginereed Arts develops machines used in science centers, theme parks, and businesses. More than 100 of its robots are currently active all over the planet, but Amica It is the most advanced among them.

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What is known about Amica:

Understand everything about this new robot that surprises everyone!

  • The project took 15 years of work.
  • Its price will be about 100,000 pounds, equivalent to 745,000 Brazilian riyals.
  • The robot can be used to develop artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning
  • Hardware and software that allow continuous updating.
  • Divide into units. According to the company, it is possible to have only “one hand” “the arm” of the model, and there is no need for a full robot to work.
  • Cloud connection: All bot data is available remotely.
  • Smooth, realistic movements that seek to establish an “instant relationship with people” according to the manufacturer.

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