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scary!  Fabio from 'Big Brother' breaks down in tears upon reporting an accident: 'I still have nightmares today...'

scary! Fabio from ‘Big Brother’ breaks down in tears upon reporting an accident: ‘I still have nightmares today…’

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 23, Big Brother challenged competitors, in turn, to share with the group the moments in their lives that changed them forever and made them the person they are today.

When it came time to share his testimony, Fabio began recounting his special relationship to dogs: “There was a dog, it was Becky, I’ve always had dogs. As I’ve always gotten used to bitches, I decided to adopt one. My little girl slept with me in bed and did everything. I was the one who raised her, I was the one who treated her like a girl“.

In addition to sharing the importance of dogs in his life, the Alfragide competitor spoke about a difficult moment that inevitably ended up changing his life: “One day I was in my car, my friend next to me and the dog in the back, we were on a road, it was raining, and that sap from the trees was going too fast, the car overturned, and whoever saw it from outside said they were lucky that our lives were that day because The car not only flipped, but sped through the air and only stopped after a few meters at the shaft. When he hits the shaft, he hits my back. If you hit me, I wouldn’t be here today. I literally knocked not three feet behind me at the back door“.

I still have nightmares about it todayFabio, who, in addition to the details of the destruction of the car, confirmed that he was speaking on this topic for the first time, said: “My parents don’t know, nobody knows, I’m exposing myself here, I still can’t get over this, I always try to avoid it, I always say I’m over it but I can’t get over it“.

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“I can’t forgive myself”

Fabio in tears and obvious annoyance continued the description: “I didn’t get a scratch, I got some diseases, I saw my friend his face covered in blood, I still dream about him, I won’t say his name, my friend opened his head, the car overturned, we managed to escape, he leaned against the tree, I still dream of him looking at me with blood on his face, no I know if it was selfishness or survival, I can’t forgive myself for that but I didn’t ‘I don’t remember my dog, I didn’t remember she continued, I totally forgot because I was so worried about my boyfriend and it was such a big shock that I couldn’t remember both“.

Concerned, the rider explained that he approached the car and did not see the dog. Fortunately, he came to meet Becky later: “I found her with her hind legs fully extended, alive but vibrating a lot. I took her in my arms, she was aliveDespite this, the chances of survival were not many: “The vet said it was impossible because it affected his spine, not even in a wheelchair“.

“I think it was the worst time of my life”

When he finished recounting the ‘scary’ episode in which he lived, Fabio assumed that he felt guilt over the tragic accident and the consequences that ensued:I spent 2/3 weeks on the sedatives, and I think it was the worst phase of my life, and I felt guilty that I could have killed my colleague too, and I was the one who deserved it, because I was the one who went too fast and had the accident. After three weeks I stopped taking sedatives.“.

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Before he had finished and loved all his colleagues, in a moment marked by so much turmoil, Fabio left a message: “I don’t need to rush anywhere while driving, live in peace and the person I am today, one thing I’ve changed a lot since this day is that all I want to say and do at that time, every situation I feel like talking about and saying, I’m not going to keep And I talk to myself because I don’t know what tomorrow will be like. This was the event that affected me the most and that changed my whole life