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Schalke vs. Dresden: Hospital folder and Schalke fan

Schalke vs. Dresden: Hospital folder and Schalke fan

Schalke played against Dynamo Dresden. Police were on high alert at the scene. There were injuries. Still, the police are satisfied.

  • Schalke04 Met Saturday evening at the 2nd Bundesliga Dynamo Dresden (3: 0). The Police Declared the encounter a “high risk game”. Between 5,000 and 7,000 supporters marched from Dresden to Kelsenkirchen, many of whom were classified as violent.
  • Shortly after the first dynamo fans arrived Kelsenkirchen Reports protests to police. A policeman was injured while checking in a car. This has been confirmed by the police of this editorial office. Several Dynamo Stewarts were injured in the arena.
  • A large number of police were on duty. Around Schalke-The arena circled a helicopter, with three water cannons parked. About 1,500 officers were on duty. Police surrounded everything in the arena. Support from officials interested in the scene from Dresden.
  • Five buses with fans Dynamo Dresden Were on Res car parking Checked and detained, but not returned. They gradually came to the stage. The police wearing the helmet with the red entrance and marched in front of the east entrance. The police were delighted with the process.

Before the second division game in between Schalke04 And Dynamo Dresden (3: 0) Incidents occurred. Police said opposition to Grothusstrasse in Gelsenkirchen. Some fans of Dynamo Dresden tried to avoid police control.

Schalke vs. Dresden: Police approached the woman

A policeman was injured by a car at another checkpoint during the game. A police checkpoint at Reckfield Strauss at the A42 exit in Kelsenkirchen-Bismarck caught a man escaping and an officer trying to escape. The driver was able to escape. This was confirmed by Matthias Basher, the police spokesman for the editorial board. During the test, officers found that the driver did not have a valid driver’s license. It is not yet clear whether the fugitive is a fan.

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Before Schalke against Dresden: Cat and mouse game with police

At lunch, a group of about 20 dynamo fans played a cat and mouse game with the Kelchenkirchen police. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Instead, they avoided attention and ran back into the tunnel.

Schalke – Dresden: Support from the authorities from Dresden

Police were already anticipating violent clashes. A large number of police were on security duty around the game. Officers received assistance by helicopter. Police were on all motorways near the scene. About 1500 officers were on duty at Kelsenkirchen. Police had three water cannons in front of the stadium. All three police dogs were used, two of which were muttering.

Many of Dresden’s officers who knew the scene supported the officers. “But it’s a normal process. Officials who are interested in our scene also leave Schalke for sports,” said spokesman Matthias Basher.

A team of riders was standing in the arena in front of the east entrance. In front of the Dynamo entrance, the police had a white film to protect them from privacy. There was a mob behind the east entrance. Schalke fans referred to him as “Ruhrbotkanakan”. “Shit 04” calls came in from Stair 11.

Five buses with fans Dynamo Dresden Res was checked in the parking lot and detained, but not returned. They gradually came to the stage. The police wearing the helmet with the red entrance and marched in front of the east entrance. All fans were instructed to leave the east entrance. Shortly before the start of the game, 250 Ultras were missing from Dynamo Dresden.

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Schalke vs. Dresden: Several maids were injured

The police were satisfied with the operation that evening. Big controversies can be prevented due to the biggest fight. “We are very pleased with the process,” said Matthias Basher, a spokesman for the Kelsenkirchen police.

After the game, Schalke 04 won 3-0 against Dynamo Dresden, and the Kelsenkirchen police announced that “several maids on the Black V / W were injured”. A folder should be taken to the hospital. They can be considered attacked by dynamo fans. During the game, items of clothing that looked like folder vests were placed in the guest compartment. The police investigation into this is still ongoing. Two suspects were temporarily arrested in the incident after the game.

In total, the emergency services assembly produced five administrative offenses for violating the law and nine criminal reports for serious physical abuse, property damage and trespassing. Also, a PDP weapon including signal ammunition was seized.

There were also attacks when fans left: a physical argument ensued early Sunday morning over differences between FC Schalke 04 supporters. Mutual insults preceded this. The suspects could not be located by authorities at the scene. Injured parties do not require medical care.

At the same time, a man hit another Schalke on the head with a glass bottle. The suspect was temporarily arrested and the injured were taken to hospital by ambulance due to serious injuries.

High Risk Game: Extensive Productivity and 3G Control

Preparations for the “high risk game” are also extensive. Schalke’s club spokesman Mark Siegman on Friday asked Royal Blues fans to arrive on time. There are several reasons for this: for the first time since March 2020, 56,000 spectators are coming to a football game in the arena. But this time there are not only normal security restrictions at the gateway – 3G controls are also included. Fans must be vaccinated, restored or tested.

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This is new not only to many fans, but also to Stewarts – so far, the attendance record for this season is only 26,000 fans. This is less than half. “This is 3G control,” Seagman said, “starting at breakthroughs.” This is another reason to take the time to access the grounds. For the first time since March 2020, all season tickets are activated and all gateways are used. Siegman says: “It can be confusing at times. I ask for your understanding.” In fact, there were some delays before the game. Before it started, many fans were waiting to be allowed.

Fans of Dynamo Dresden declare the Schalke game a “goal day”

Dynamo Dresden supporters have in the past announced a gathering of the season known as “Goal Day”. These “goal days” were characterized by pyrotechnics, fan marches (up to 4,500 people), box office and high police force dealing with block storms and the situation. “For the 2021/2022 season, fans of Dynamo Dresden have declared the game against FC Schalke 04 as” spy day “according to current spy results,” the city’s public order said.

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