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Schiphol Airport: – Blind passengers found dead

Schiphol Airport: – Blind passengers found dead

A stowaway was found in the wheel arch of a KLM plane at Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands, on Monday morning. The man did not survive the trip.

The plane had taken off from Canada, but made several stops before landing in Schiphol. It is not yet clear where the man boarded the ship.

you say so Dutch newspaper M.D.

This plane crashed on Sunday, April 8, into the sea in the city of Mazatlan, Mexico. Video: Twitter
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– It’s not strange

A spokesman for the Royal Dutch Police Service, Marischussee, told the newspaper that the case was under further investigation.

– An investigation is underway into how the man managed to get on the ship. Anyway, it’s not a crime. The speaker believes the victim died of hypothermia.

– 50 minus

He went on to say that on long flights it gets to minus 50 degrees in the landing gear on the plane, and that there is not enough oxygen in the air to survive.

According to the spokesperson, the find is not as strange as one might think.

– It happens that there are people in the wheel arches of the plane. Sometimes they are killed, but often they end up fatally due to the sharp drop in air temperature, says AD.

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