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Schlecker: Despite the background: Mighty Kelly fights for air with Giovanni Jarrella after the first song

With Giovanni Jarrella, Mighty Kelly has been on stage three times – but has already suffocated for air after the first appearance (photo montage)

© Karina Hessland / Imago & Screenshots / ZDF / Die Giovanni Zarrella Show

Mide Kelly was allowed to appear three times in the second edition of the Giovanni Zarella Show. But already after the first song (“I stand for it”) the 41-year-old pop singer was completely suffocated – even though she sang in the background!

Munich – Called Saturday evening (November 13) Giovanni Jarrella (43) The second time belongs to him BatThe show celebrated its successful premiere in September and gave strong ratings to ZDF. In Munich, the German-Italian composer, singer and entertainer once again welcomed many well-known stars from the German music industry.

Caused the start Mighty Kelly (41), launched the “Giovanni Zarella Show” a few months ago With a confused appearance Created headlines. A total of three were allowed to do this Kelly-family-The member ran, but was already breathing heavily after the first song. from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

Schlecker: Mighty Kelly suffocates after the “Giovanni Zarella Show” – does she breathe in the evening?

Atmospheric success began with the compound Giovanni Jarrella At 8:15 pm on Saturday, after some introductory remarks, he quickly left the stage with his first guest: Mighty Kelly. ZDF viewers and live viewers in Munich watched the pop singer three times during the show. It all started with the song “I Stand For It”, which the 41-year-old received clear audible and visible background support. (“Love, Hello”: Giovanni Zarrella cancels sobriety on live show to kiss Mrs. Jana Ina)

Mighty Kelly was allowed to take the stage as the first pop star on the second edition of the Giovanni Zarella show – and was already completely exhausted after this appearance.

© Screenshot / ZDF / Die Giovanni Zarrella Show

As befits a good host, Giovanni Jarrella warmly welcomed her fellow pop musician and took the breathless Mite Kelly to the sofa. “Your stage … will tell you that the floor is as smooth as glass. At last I was too scared to go down, ”the 41-year-old showmaker gasped. In the ensuing conversation, the “why not say no” translator needed some time to regain full attention, breathing more and generally only responding briefly and abruptly.

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Schlecker: Mighty Kelly talks to Giovanni Jarella about fitness – “I played endlessly”

But really Mighty Kelly should be in better form now, at least he revealed to Giovanni Sorella: “I’ve never been happier and healthier than I am today.” He played “endless games” to prepare for the upcoming tour. He promised the fans a “happy show”.

Giovanni Sorella reacted professionally, praising her as “a mix of choice and song”. Mighty Kelly’s breath was enough for a little joke: “I sing while jogging. I mean, if I’re in Munich tomorrow, if a crazy girl passes you by and she sings – it’s me! “

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