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Schmidt criticizes Enzo: “We just need players who are happy to play for Benfica” – Benfica

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After confirming the departure of the midfielder to Chelsea, the red coach said that the team showed that it is capable of producing good football without the Argentine.

After making sure of that “It was agreed” For Enzo Fernandes’ move to Chelsea, Roger Schmidt has criticized the midfielder’s attitude in the process of leaving Benfica. “It’s always difficult to lose a good player in the winter market, but today we showed that we are a good team without him, that we can play good football without him, that the players focus on getting the most points, be champions. Benfica is much bigger than a player. We just need To players who are happy to play for Benfica, who are excited. We had a player who wanted to leave and a club willing to pay the condition. We couldn’t do anything,” said the coach embodied in the Analytical Conference of Arauca Benfica (0-3), in which the Argentine international did not play. It is noteworthy that Benfica And Chelsea have reached an agreement worth 121 million euros, although the deal has not yet been confirmed.The market is already closed in England and the London club has asked the Premier League to extend the deadline for submitting full documents.You have until around 1am to do so.

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