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Schmidt in Luz to assess the 'Benfica revolution'

Schmidt in Luz to assess the ‘Benfica revolution’



The new Reds coach is coming to Lisbon this week to sign and assess the situation. The coach will carefully comb through files such as entries and exits and the pre-season schedule

His schedule will be busy as Roger Schmidt arrives in Lisbon this week to meet President Rui Costa, Managing Director Lourenço Coelho and Sporting Director Rui Pedro Braz. The day of the flight has not yet been confirmed, but the purpose of the trip is clear. On the other hand, the new coach of the Eagles will make his official link with Benfica for two years, as successor to Nelson Verissimo, but the main reason is to assess the point that was the “revolution” for Benfica officials. They decided to start with the intention of returning the club to the path of success.

Indeed, after two years without titles but with millions invested in reinforcements, SAD will once again reshape the team, with several planned departures, full of signings and promotions from the B team. However, also, on an organizational level, changes are in progress, with the replacement of Many directors of different departments have direct links to professional football, as already happened in the clinical staff who is no longer entrusted to Ricardo Antunes and will pass or return to the hands of Louis Tell Perez, who had previously gone through incarnations before.

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Although the season is only now officially over, Roger Schmidt will take the opportunity, in addition to getting acquainted with Benfica’s campus, in Seixal, to assess the situation with regard to files related to entries and exits. The pre-season schedule will also be carefully combed, especially regarding the training ground and scheduled preparation games.