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School Shooter Parents Wanted – VG

on my way? The police chose to ask the public to help find Jennifer and James Cromple. Here from prison on Wednesday to meet their son.

Four people were shot dead on Tuesday at a school in Michigan, in the United States. A 15-year-old is accused of terrorism, and now his parents are also accused in the case.

On Friday, the parents of 15-year-old Ethan Curmbley were charged with the negligent murder of four people.

The background to the accusation is that prosecutors believe they helped Crombley carry out the school shooting that took place at Oxford High School in Michigan earlier this week. He himself was a student at the school.

shooting Teenagers between 14 and 17 years old years were killed and seven others were injured. Karmbli is accused, among other things, of terrorism and four murders. The prosecutors announced that they would try him as if he was an adult despite his young age , CNN writes.

Now the Oakland Sheriff has made a public call to his parents, Jennifer and James Cromble.

Request: Michael Bouchard, mayor of Oakland, Michigan.

“They’re not going to run, if that’s what they think,” Sheriff Michael Bouchard told CNN.

He says they are now cooperating with the FBI and other police authorities in the search for the two.

Bouchard further says that the couple’s lawyer worked with the police to ensure the two were arrested when the charges were ready. He adds that they are now no longer communicating with their lawyer.

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Fleeing and ignoring their attorney certainly puts more weight in the accusations. They cannot escape their part in this tragedy, Sharif thought.

Asked by CNN if there was concern that the parents might have guns, he said anything was possible, and advised people not to look for them if you should see them.

Meanwhile, the couple’s lawyers, Shannon Smith and Marielle Lehmann, believe they are not fugitives.

They left town on the night of the tragic shooting for their own safety. They return to the region to bring them to justice. They are not fleeing, despite recent statements in the media, It is said in a statement of lawyers.

Parents charged: The prosecutor in the case and Oakland County attorney, Karen MacDonald.

It is believed that parents bought murder weapons

The firearm used to kill four youths and injure seven others may have been obtained legally. Prosecutors believe the parents bought the son’s gun.

– IM angry. Karen MacDonald said I am angry as a mother, as a prosecutor, I am angry as someone who lives in this county. During a press conference earlier on Friday.

She added that she is not there to say that people should not own firearms, but at the same time the accusation against parents is a clear indication of the responsibility that comes with owning such a gun.

“It’s your responsibility, and it’s your duty to make sure you don’t give anyone you have reason to believe they would harm anyone’s access to a lethal weapon,” MacDonald said.

– It was impossible not to conclude that there was reason to believe that he would harm a person.

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In memory: Pictures of the four students who were shot dead at the school on October 30 are placed in the sea of ​​flowers outside the school.

Clarify schedule

According to the attorney general was MacDonald There are a number of events Before the shooting he announced what would happen:

  • November 26: James Crumble, Sr. Ethan Crumble, buys a firearm with his son. On the same day or in the days since, the 15-year-old shared a photo of the gun on social media, with the caption “Got my new aesthetic today. SIG SAUER 9mm »
  • circa November 27: Mother Jennifer Curmbley posted on social media “Mother and son are testing out their new Christmas present.”
  • November 29: A school teacher saw that the boy was looking for ammunition in his phone and reported it to the school administration. His parents did not respond when the school tried to contact them. Later, the mother exchanged text messages with the 15-year-old, writing “lol I am not mad at you. You have to learn not to get caught.”
  • November 30: The morning before the shooting occurred, one of the boy’s teachers discovered a note she was so upset that she had taken a picture of her with her mobile phone.

The note consists of a drawing of a gun aimed at the words “Ideas Won’t Stop. Help Me”. There was also a drawing of a bullet that read “blood everywhere”.

Between the gun and the bullet was a drawing of a person who appeared to have been shot twice with a laughing emoji underneath. As stated in the memo “My life is useless” and “The world is dead”.

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Comfort: Two people hug each other outside the school where the shooting took place.

Parents were immediately asked to come to school, and the 15-year-old mentor was taken out of class. During a meeting with the school administration, the parents were shown the tampered drawing, and were told that their son had to go to a psychiatrist within 48 hours.

The idea that a parent could read the words in that note and know that their son had access to a lethal weapon, a weapon they had been given to him, is unimaginable and I think criminal. It is criminal, at McDonald’s.

According to the prosecutor, the parents did not want to take their son out of school and leave him without him. Then the boy was brought back to class.

The parents did not ask their son if he had his firearm or where it was, nor did they check his bag to see if he had the gun.