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Evento será realizado entre os dias 22 e 26 de agosto, no Ginásio do CEI

Schools in Campo Bom can now register businesses for the 8th Science and Technology Week – District

After the conclusion of science and experience fairs in 20 primary schools (Emef’s) and in 23 early childhood education institutions (Emei’s) of the Municipal Education Network of Campo Bom, it is time to record the work carried out in these schools in the eighth week of science and technology. The event will take place between August 22 and 26, in Ginásio do Cei.

The event will take place from August 22-26 at the CEI Gymnasium
Photo: Fernando Santos/PMCB

Applications can be submitted from Monday (first) to Friday (fifth), Online. Exhibition regulations are available on the website. Schools from municipal, state and private networks can apply in the following categories: Category A (children’s students – pre-school), Category B (first to third year of primary school), Category C (from fourth to sixth year of primary school), Class D (7th to 9th grade of primary school) and Class E (high school students).

Registration is free and each school can only submit one project per class. Along with each work, up to three students, a supervising teacher and a co-supervisor can be registered. “Valuing critical and creative thinking and discovering the joy of learning are the goals of Science and Technology Week. Orsi.

Education and Culture Minister Simon Schneider highlighted the return of the face-to-face event. He notes, “In 2020, the pandemic made it impossible to implement, and in 2021 we’re back, but in an online fashion. Technology.”

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