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Science and Technology Week deals with collaborative actions and policies to overcome problems such as the pandemic - Maranhão de Todos Nós

Science and Technology Week deals with collaborative actions and policies to overcome problems such as the pandemic – Maranhão de Todos Nós

Deputy Governor Carlos Brandao highlighted the importance of investing in science and technology (Photo: Bruno Carvalho)

On Monday night (04), Deputy Governor Carlos Brandao participated in the opening ceremony of State Science and Technology Week – SNCT. Under the theme of “Science, Technology and Innovation inclusiveness of the Planet”, in addition to the participation of the Deputy Governor, the ceremony also included a lecture by Dr. Dimas Kovas, President of the Bhutantan Institute, under the theme “The Actions of the Institute of Butantan in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic”.

The goal is to solve problems that transcend borders, such as meeting the health and humanitarian challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic, in the search for building and implementing collaborative, integrated and convergent actions and policies.

Deputy Governor Carlos Brandao kicked off the week’s opening by congratulating the Botantan Institute in the fight against COVID-19 with the development of the vaccine. “Many have criticized the Butantan Institute, but the scientists went there and showed all the strength of the research and hard work to create the vaccine. Butantan told everyone what good science can do in such difficult times of the pandemic we live in,” Brandau said.

Maranhão has distinguished itself in its performance in the fight against Covid-19 with the lowest death rate in the country. “We have invested heavily in the structure and have expanded the number of public health professionals. Everything is to efficiently combat this disease that has devastated the whole of Brazil. We are winning in this pandemic, but the precautionary measures are still in place,” confirmed Deputy Governor Carlos Brandao.

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investments in science

“The government of Maranhão, by bringing up the topic of the intersection of science and innovation on the planet in the discussion of Science and Technology Week, demonstrates the investment and interest in developing serious research that seeks decisive results to help the population overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic,” emphasized the deputy governor.

To complement his participation in SNCT 2021, Brandau stated that the government is planning new social and economic pathways to address the consequences of the pandemic. We had to reconnect and put in place strong public policies to win the fight against the pandemic. This week is an excellent opportunity to share scientific knowledge.”

About SNTC

National Science and Technology Week, between October 5 and 8, proposes 106 activities by high school, college, alumni, and researchers in general regarding this year’s theme. Among the activities there will be: lectures, short courses and posters on the central topic, broadcast on the channel of the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Innovation on Youtube (Secti Maranhão) and on all official channels of the state government.

In 2021, 18 copies were reached from the week in Maranhão. It is important to emphasize that in previous years, the state was the third largest week in the Northeast and the seventh largest in the country.

National Science and Technology Week aims to promote the dissemination and popularization of science, and to encourage (inclusive) interaction between academia, the productive sector and the population.

This year’s theme set by the Federal Government’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTIC) is the intersection of science, technology and innovation for the planet.

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This topic is problematic for issues that transcend the borders of the country, such as meeting the health and humanitarian challenge of the Covid-19 pandemic; At the same time, it seeks action and cooperation from other countries and nations.

The autonomy of science and technology lies in contextualizing and invoking an idea of ​​science that has been created and implemented with the participation of different actors. This comprehensive science and technology paradigm aims to produce mechanisms for overcoming global, national and regional challenges (such as the pandemic), among different areas of knowledge, to integrate and improve them for the benefit of humanity.