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Science confirms: Those who disagree with the media are in deniers

Science confirms: Those who disagree with the media are in deniers

Who needs field research when you have Google? Gone are the days when it was necessary to consult real people, conduct surveys with serious questionnaires that are applied in person. This primitive technology – whose days were already numbered – took a fatal blow during the pandemic, when society realized that no one needed anyone (except for delivery couriers) and that everyone could stay home indefinitely.

Once everyone was locked up, the way was to learn the news from Brazil and the world through the media. At first, the information was quite mixed: wear a mask, not a mask. Homemade masks don’t work, only surgical masks. But then surgeries started missing, and in this case, the homemade ones started to fall off. No, in fact only those with a double layer of fabric, or rather a triple layer, will do.

But then it got really complicated, so it was decided that anyone is better than nothing. It can be made of fabric, wool, very thin, thick, plain, printed, with a character and even a pirate mask, imitation of a luxury brand. The important thing is to match the look of the day. Ready, it’s fixed!

However, the problem wasn’t just the masks, but a lot of other things: ventilators that were too expensive, the equipment bought and paid for was never delivered, hundreds of oxygen cylinders were missing, and a vaccine that works 100% but then goes down. to 80%, it goes down to 70% and finally up to 50%, to reach the level of approval.

During the #stayhome, we had to adapt, right? Including science. The “Science about everything and more” course is now taught using the distance learning (EAD) method, where students only watch the news. The first group just graduated from a party via Zoom, which already included a press conference about their first discovery: anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with the media is a denier. And that’s because she, the media, has all the answers. Consider in this example that the media has all the solutions, explanations, and justifications we are looking for:

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Immunization devices are 100% effective. If someone gets sick and is hospitalized, it is because they did not take the two doses. If he took both doses and was hospitalized, it was because without them he would have died. And if he dies, it is because the immunization devices are not 100% effective.

This date is fiction, but it cannot be …