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Science decides, if they let it |  Loudspeaker

Science decides, if they let it | Loudspeaker

We find ourselves struggling simultaneously with two of the biggest crises we have ever seen. Pandemic crisis and climate crisis. However, there are similarities between the epidemic and climate change. Both have been anticipated by the scientific community; Both cause severe disruptions to society and the planet; With both technological and scientific solutions based on basic sciences. It is basic science, still underfunded, that makes us realize that the changes our planet is going through are not “natural”, but are the result of human action. It is also science that gives us the resources to deal with the epidemic, from which stem a transformative principle of vaccine production, and from which come innovative ideas for using biological resources to sequester carbon. It is science that preserves all technological and innovative knowledge, but suffers, like climate change, when it is undervalued and does not play a likely role in our society.