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Science discovers the factor that affects happiness (not money!)

Science discovers the factor that affects happiness (not money!)

According to scholars, you can have money and career success, but it is another factor that brings happiness.

when you think about happinessWhat do you think? A successful career, starting your own family, financial success or being healthy could be some of the answers. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re truly happy — and it’s not a cliché, no. Science has already proven that well-being and happiness have another source: friendships.

For 76 years, researchers at Harvard University in the United States have analyzed 700 men, including college students and residents of Boston slums. Throughout their lives, research has followed these young adults, monitoring their mental, physical, and emotional states in an effort to understand what truly makes a person happy.

The results of the study showed that you can have money, a successful career and a very healthy life, however You will only be happy if you find a good friend. According to scientists, creating strong and secure bonds of friendship can help relax the nervous system, and provide more well-being and health to the brain.

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On the other hand, the study data also indicated that those who feel more lonely, because they do not have strong connections with other people, are more likely to develop health problems and die early.

Study participants answered, over decades, questionnaires about family, work, and social life. In addition, the researchers also had access to medical records to assess health status. Finally, the participants also underwent blood tests to check for health indicators and DNA analysis.

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The importance of friendship and its benefits

This is not the only study showing that friendship plays a critical role in human health and well-being. A study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University in the United States showed that people who have spent most of their lives No social interactions have an impairment associated with longevity which can be compared to smokingl alcoholism and the obesity.

Another American survey, conducted by Columbia University, showed that the happier people are, the more enthusiastic and satisfied they are with life and their relationships. 22% less risk Heart attack or heart disease. Another study, from the University of Maine, also in the US, suggested that just one true friend actually helps stave off depression. depressiona low self-esteem and the anxiety.

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Another study, also from the US, was bolder: According to researchers at Michigan State University, Friendships are more important to the well-being and health of the elderly than the family. “Friendships become more important as we get older,” William Chopik, assistant professor of psychology, told the university’s website.