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science effort

science effort

Despite political efforts to the contrary, whenever any discovery contradicts the rhetoric that hitherto was appropriate for government officials, it is a well-established fact that there is no way out of the health crisis without the oversight of science.

The data show that countries that chose to subject themselves to illusions and aspirations for a miracle had and still have more problems than those guided by tried and tested knowledge.

Those who, in July 2021, still denying science in the fight against Covid-19, are irresponsibly exposing themselves and society to risks, for reasons that reason does not know, but supposes.

This introduction is necessary to positively highlight the news published in this issue. Is that the country has participated in an international search for treatments against the disease.

One of them is already in the final stage. Last week, the Federal University of Goiás and the Arterial Blood Pressure Association joined the study, the results of which were published in The Lancet, a prestigious journal in the scientific community.

The results, thanks to access permitted by the state Department of Health, were obtained from analysis of patients at HCam. It’s encouraging that Goias, in this way, is moving away from the courtship scene of obscurantism.

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