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Science Fair selects 100 jobs for students of all levels of education at Amapá |  amaba

Science Fair selects 100 jobs for students of all levels of education at Amapá | amaba

Amapá opened a select group of students attending any educational level in public and private networks to present projects at the 9th edition of the State Science and Engineering Fair (Feceap). in a Registration is open and continues until next Tuesday (10) Online.

Feceap is part of the National and International Circle of Science Fairs and will select 100 student projects from primary, secondary, technical, youth and adult education (EJA) and higher education from public, private, national and foreign entities.

Students age 21 or older can participate, except for EJA and tertiary students. Minors must present the authorization document from the parent or guardian.

Documents must be downloaded, filled out and submitted through the link given in the notice, where the student will choose the method in which he wants to compete and press “Record Action”.

It is expected to occur in the period From 21 to 24 SeptemberThe event is coordinated by the Secretary of State for Education (Seed) through the Center for Activities in High Skills and Talent (Caahs).

The main objective is to encourage the development of scientific research from the first grades with an emphasis on solutions to social problems and the spread of science and technology, Syed explains.

In compliance with anti-Covid-19 protocols, the event is being held for the second year in a row through an online platform with a live broadcast.

Categories and number of vacancies:

  • Class 1 – 10 works for students from 1st to 5th grade of primary school 1 from schools in Amapá;
  • Categories 2 – 30 works by students of the sixth to ninth grade of primary school 1 of the Amapá schools;
  • Categories 3 – 40 works of high school students and / or technicians from schools in Amapá;
  • Categories 4 – 10 works for primary, intermediate and/or technical and higher students from schools in other Brazilian and international states;
  • Categories 5 – 10 works for higher education students from universities and colleges in Amapá.

All selected will receive a certificate. The 3 best projects in each category and each education level will be awarded with medals.

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