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Science for kids with Explorum

Success was there. Whenever H was in the castle teaching his classes, there was a crowd of students, about thirty students at a time, and of all ages.

Kids enjoy the craft activities offered by Explorum

Noon, Saturday and holidays

Explorum offers several programs each week for children ages 6 to 12, or even more for some. Science classes are also held on Saturdays and holidays. The children who participate in the Explorum sessions are very curious and eager to learn. H says.

“What is interesting is that boys and girls in particular are the most involved in the activities. But after a certain age, around 15, the interest started to wane. Adolescence maybe…”

Therefore, success is accurate with Explorum. Everyone is a winner in this business. He can exercise his passion and pass it on to young people, who, in addition to learning new things and progressing in the French language, feel a certain pride in their achievements.

Explorum does not intend to stop there and would like to develop its activity. “We hope to expand our approach and style of work to include other subjects in the curriculum, so why not the arts and music,” describes H.

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