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Science has revealed the right way to embrace and harness the ‘benefits’

I like you or not bosom It is part of western culture. Although many people love it or hate it, this type of human contact has good benefits, as well as some limitations.

In fact, hugs not only give closeness and emotional feeling between people, but also show an excellent improvement in physical and mental health conditions.

It is important to stress that hugging is not as simple as it seems, because in addition to presenting some limitations, this behavior is Very healthy.

you care?

In addition to the benefits, many people also doubt the correct way to hug a person.

The right way to hug
Science has managed to reveal the right way to hug a person and get the “benefits”. (Images: Pexels)

Where do the weapons go? What is the least time to hug? Can we force hugs on people who don’t like this kind of behavior?

There are many uncertainties about these subjects and science has an explanation based on research data regarding the correct way to hug.

What does science say about the right way to hug?

Although many people don’t feel much difference in the type of hug they give and how long it lasts, there is a right way to hug.

The truth is, science has already proven that there are Correct hug coordination So that this behavior is kind and respectful to both parties.

Several research participants underwent tests related to different types of hugs to collect data and analyze correct form.

the Biological psychologist From the Ruhr University Bochum named Julian Buckheiser says the following:

“Something I would like to see in the study is the condition in which the hug is extended more.”

The right way to hug

Park employees were surprised to find that a 10-second hug felt like an uncomfortable long time to hug a stranger.

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In fact, the intimacy of the people who will hug each other plays an essential role.

Does emotional closeness interfere with hugging?

The study researchers noted that neither emotional closeness nor a person’s height had a significant effect on hugging.

On the other hand, they note that most of the people who participated in the test did so Relatively high And they think circumference of the neck may be more common.

According to a study published in Acta PsychologicalcaSeveral factors affect cuddling time, such as:

  • Duration;
  • Stady;
  • Type.
  • emotional closeness
  • arm behaviour.

In addition, the study could also prove that men’s preference for cuddling is cross hugging.

In fact, the style of the hug is of great importance, because the cross hug can convey the closeness between people without adding a romantic character over the text.

When is the right time for a cozy hug?

Although many people don’t care much about the right way to hug and just think and show faith and affection with this behavior, there is a right way for some.

Research results indicate that the safest and most comfortable hug is just that It lasts 5 to 10 seconds With arms crossed.

The right way to hug

In fact, research indicates that a hug that is most likely to be enjoyable and comforting for anyone should last 5 to 10 seconds.

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Have you ever stopped to analyze someone’s hug? Is it really that some of the rules and data gathered from the questionnaire should or should not say what to do in connection with a loving hug?

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What are the health benefits of hugging?

Although many people think of some types of hugs as warm or disrespectful, we can’t deny that hugs are good for physical and mental health.

Check out below some of the benefits of hugging for mental and physical health and be surprised by the medicinal properties of this social behavior on a very daily basis in our lives.

1 – Save lives

Surely you must have witnessed someone save another person from suicide or other danger to life with a hug.

In fact, hugging is a natural therapy that makes us feel human warmth and realize that we are not alone and that there are other people out there to help us.

2 – Communication of feelings and emotions

You can meet someone with a hard heart and feelings and soothe them with a warm and respectful hug.

The truth is, neither of them The hardest people They cannot surrender to a warm embrace that conveys many feelings and deep feelings of the soul.

3 – Prevent disease

You will definitely have a healthier mental health if you practice more daily attitudes and behaviors with hugs.

The right way to hug

This kind of social tool is not only for friends and family, but also for helping strangers with human warmth.

4 – Prevent stress, depression and other mental illnesses

Mental illness can be treated with the simple attitude of hugging and listening to someone who has depression, stress or anxiety issues.

more cultivation hug moments And share feelings and emotions in your family and circle of friends and if there are two others to help people with psychological problems.

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5- Enhancing a sense of well-being

It is very warm and respectful when you receive a hug from a loved one and feel safe and comfortable with the people you love.

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You will surely have good life experiences in situations more loving If you cultivate more moments of love and warm hugs.

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Would you like to know more about what a Science says about the right way to hug What are the benefits of this social behavior on our physical and mental health?

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