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Science points to a proven relationship between increased suicides and dehydration

Science points to a proven relationship between increased suicides and dehydration

As if it had dire consequences Climate change For humanity itself – of which floods and droughts, paradoxically, are an example – science attributes a new phenomenon to it, albeit indirectly. According to a new study, more frequent and intense periods of moisture could be the cause of increased numbers of . suicide, more than heat waves.

Also, according to his investigation University of Sussex, women and young people are particularly affected by this weather condition, but above all because of its severity and frequency, which are increasing, as evidenced by the data indicating that 60 countries, Enter 1979 NS 2016.

Sonya defect Carlson, co-author of the study, argues that humidity interferes with the body’s ability to regulate its temperature, causing discomfort that can be Exacerbation of malaise Already present in some people who are dealing with problems Psychological health.

The researcher explained to Watchman. Sleep deprivation is a thing It is very difficult to deal withIt even becomes difficult to sleep when there are extreme conditions such as heat or humidity.”

People who already have mental health issues are more likely to be affected by these periods than others because Antidepressants Department to interfere simultaneously with ahThe body’s ability to regulate its temperatureAibe Carlson suggests. In the course of the study, the researcher also identified a particularly strong relationship between suicide and being hydrated. Among the countries listed as examples of this phenomenon are Thailand and Guyana, as well as European countries, such as Sweden, a Belgium it’s the Luxembourg.

According to Carlsen’s defect, this is the first time that a study has been conducted on this topic global floor And not at the national level, which, in his view, has allowed the impact of the climate crisis on the mental health of the population – as well as the threat it poses to the goal set by the United Nations to reduce Suicide rates in a third by 2030. Currently, it is estimated that 700 thousand suicides commit annually.

The investigation found the trends linking increased suicides among women to be particularly interesting. Women and the small as a result of moisture. It is well known in science that women and children suffer disproportionately from the effects of climate change and extreme weather due to social structures and the power relations. He concluded that we need to delve deeper into these relationships and the contextual reasons behind this phenomenon in different geographical regions and social groups.”

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